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10.Dec.2004 (website)

Pianeta Amiga: Perfomance of some components of MorphOS 1.5 and new software
The Italian dealer Pegasos Italia will present some of the components of MorphOS 1.5 as well as new MorphOS software on the Pianeta Amiga which will take place on 12th December.

The MorphOS 1.5 components contain:
  • new 2D/3D-drivers for Voodoo 3/4/5
  • new TinyGL.library
  • new PowerSDL.library and sub-libraries
  • new MorphOS 1.5-libraries e.g. z.library, png.library, freetype.library, jfif.library, tiff.library and vorbisfile.library
  • new audio.device (Paula --> AHI)
The new software which will be performed:
  • Quake II for MorphOS
  • Virtual Grand Prix 2 for MorphOS (World premiere)
  • Freespace 2 for MorphOS
  • Hexen 2 for MorphOS
  • Foobillard, Neverball, TuxRacer, Cube, GLglobe, the Battle for Wesnoth and a lot of further software for TinyGL/SDL
  • Papyrus Office
  • BurnIt Evolution (still not certain)
  • MOSTitler
Possible guests might be Prof. Fulvio Peruggi (Dr. Morbius), Elena Novaretti, Paolo Cattani and the CruxPPC-Linux-Team.

Michele Magliocca from Pegasos Italia thanks all following persons and firms for the cooperation and the material which is made available: Mark Olsen (bigfoot), Michal Wozniak (kiero), Ilkka Lehtoranta (itix), SixK, Sigbjørn Skjæret (CISC), Pawel Stefanski (Stefkos), Nicolas Sallin (henes), Jacek Piszczek (jacaDcaps), Sven Luther, Titan Computer, Paolo Cattani as well as Emanuele Cesaroni and all other persons which he possibly forgot. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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