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Obligement (ANF)

Magazine: Obligement Issue #48
The 48th issue of the French magazine "Obligement" was released today. Topics of this issue:
  • News about AmigaOS 4.0 and the AmigaOne
  • Interviews with Axel Buendia (the developer of the AI engine of Quake 3) and Franck Dutouron (a new AmigaOne merchant)
  • Reviews of UAE for MorphOS, Gallerius, Alien Blaster, LMarbles, Snoopium, Hanged Man 2004
  • Hardware: Trust Wireless Tablet 200, Norwat Ethernet module, IOmega Zip drive
  • Tutorials: Make PNGIcons with TVPaint/PerfectPaint, Install MacOnLinux on Pegasos, MUI configuration
  • Programming: Blitz Basic (making crypt/decrypt tools), Amiga-E (Interfaces)
  • Book: Digital Retro
  • A long article about Björn Lynne and his productions
  • and more...

Direct download: (1.7 MB) (cg) (Translation: dm)

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