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Nicolas Mendoza (ANF)

Announcing AmiTron 2005 - Amiga Expo Trondheim
For the second time around Amiga Expo Trondheim (AmiTron) will be arranged during the course of Saturday 2nd of April. The exposition will mainly consist of having Amigas on display, as many models as possible ranging from A1000 to the MicroA1.

We will show everything from demos, old games to the newest beta of AmigaOS4.0, the PPC-based version of AmigaOS and also AROS and MorphOS.

There will be a raffle with various prizes, people selling Amiga-related equipment, competitions and guides.

There is a kiosk in the same building for refreshments and snacks. The location is in the middle of Trondheim so it's close to several restaurants, shops and hotels.

In addition to be both nostalgic and having a peek at the future in regards of computing technology, you will get the opportunity of meeting persons with the same interests as you in informal environments at Vitensenteret, Trondheim, Norway.

Last time over 100 persons visited, if you want to have a stand, sponsor us, bring equipment or have other questions, please contact us at mail at ami-tron org. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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