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Brad Webb (e-mail)

Newsletter: Amiga Update #050228
Brad Webbs newsletter "Amiga Update" contains a summary of the more important Amiga related news of the last four weeks. The February issue has now been released:

         _________ ____      _|__ __ __|_______      _________
       __\ _____ \\\\  \_  _/  //___//  _____//______\ _____ \\
      // \\\\  /. \\\\__ \/ __//    \\  \\____.  /// \\\\  /. \\
      \\___\» /___///___\  /___\     \\_________//\\___\» /___//
       »    \/    » »    \/.  |»      »|z!o     »  »    \/    »
               A M I G A      | 050228 |      U P D A T E
        AMIGA and the Amiga logo are trademarks of Amiga, Inc.      

     A M I N E T   R E S U R R E C T E D ,   N E E D S   H E L P 

      A M I G A   R E P A I R   C E N T E R   I N   F R A N C E 

            O S 4   D E V E L O P E R S '   C O N T E S T 

               A M I G A   E X P O   T R O N D H E I M 

            S C A G   S H O W   I N   S C U N T H O R P E

            A D A   N E E D S   S K I L L E D   C O D E R  

           D E A T H   O F   A M I W E S T   F O U N D E R 

       N E W S   F R O M   T H E   A M I A T L A S   F O L K S 

        F A S T A T A   1 2 0 0   M K - I I I   D R I V E R S 

         G N O M E   P N G   I C O N   S E T   F O R   O S 4 

           A M I G A   M P 3   P L A Y E R   U P D A T E S 

           O S 4   N A T I V E   B U I L D   Q U A K E   2 

             S I M P L E M A I L   U P D A T E   N E W S 

  S M A R T F I L E S Y S T E M   ( S F S )   N E W   V E R S I O N 

         N E W   S N E S   E M U L A T O R   W A R P S N E S
Editor's Thoughts and Introduction:
 It's been a good month for the Amiga community, but one sad event
stands out in my mind. That is the death of long-time Amiga community
member and supporter John Zacharias. We first met John many years ago
at an old AmiExpo I believe it was, in Chicago. Royan and I enjoyed
visiting with him whenever we had the chance. Most recently, that was
at the last St. Louis Amiga show, now also many years ago. His loss is
a real one for the Amiga community but his legacy will live on, as
long as AmiWest continues to flourish. John was it's founder and
guiding star for many shows. He is gone, sadly, but his gift to the
Amiga lives on. As he does in our memories.
 As you look through this issue, you will see stories in a large
number of categories. This is very encouraging. I've noticed that the
last few months there seems to be a slow but steady increase in the
amount of Amiga news to be found. 
 That's good news in itself.
 We hope you enjoy this issue.
 Brad Webb,

     A M I N E T   R E S U R R E C T E D ,   N E E D S   H E L P 

13 February, 2005 

 To compensate the fall out of, a new Aminet main server
has been established which can be reached at or
main.aminet.nett. Aminet now uses a completely new web interface
written Nicolas Mendoza, originally implemented for
 As most of the internal scripts aswell as the new web interface had
to be adapted or have been rewritten from scratch, there still might
be some rough edges, smaller bugs or dead links left - but Aminet is
working again and uploads are getting processed.
 Please note that currently only the main server is working properly,
mirrors are not being updated yet and uploads at mirror sites are
ignored. This will be addressed later on - for now please stick to the
URLs given above to access Aminet. If you want to upload to Aminet,
use your favourite FTP client to connect to and upload
to the "new" directory as outlined in Aminet's help files.
 Urban Mueller, founder and main administrator of Aminet, is going to
retire as soon as the new infrastructure is in place. He will be
hosting the main server but will no longer be part of the
administration team. The exact details of Aminet's future
administration structure are not decided yet, but is
currently assembling a new team that will be responsible for Aminet in
the future.

Volunteers wanted

 We are searching for one or two volunteers that could assist us in
moderating uploads. An upload moderator should meet the following

 - Basic knowledge about Unix shells (moving, deleting, renaming
 - Broadband internet access
 - English speaker
 If you fullfill these requirements and would like to become a part of
the new Aminet team, please contact us at

      A M I G A   R E P A I R   C E N T E R   I N   F R A N C E 

21 February, 2005

 Eyetech, Amont Informatique (France) and RELEC Software & Hardware
Amiga (Switzerland) are delighted to announce that an agreement has
been reached with AMIGA CENTER (France), who is now an official
maintenance and repair centre for the AmigaOne.

 This includes the hardware fixes for UDMA and USB on the XE
"Earlybird" systems. Read more for the full announcement.
 AMIGA CENTER have long been known for their technical knowhow in
electronics, and most particularly for their competence with the
"Classic" Amigas. They are an excellent choice to carry out the same
work for the new AmigaOnes.
 AmigaOne XE owners who decide to have this fix carried out can
therefore now contact AmigaCenter for an estimate. Please don't send
your motherboard without first contacting them!
 Of course, it is possible to avoid implementing the hardware fix if
you use an IDE-UDMA PCI card based on the Silicon Image 0680 chip.
PCI-based USB adapters can also be used, a number having already been
tested with the XE by developers before and during the "Earlybird"
 Amont Informatique, RELEC and Eyetech see this new partnership as
reinforcing the infrastructure that is progressively being set up
around the AmigaOne, which we feel is a worthy successor to the
"Classic" 68k amigas. It is particularly heartening to see someone of
the calibre of AmigaCenter, whom some of you may remember as Serele,
still active in the Amiga community.
 Earlybird owners everywhere, we know that, like us, you are only too
aware of the amount of effort required to achieve a fully stable and
bug-free machine, with performance in line with customer expectations.
We are continually researching ways and means to achieve and improve
on our objectives. However, this requires spending a lot of time and
work. Most of you understood this from the very beginning, and we take
the opportunity here to thank everyone who has involved and helped out
in one way or another. Those who decided to participate in this
adventure are pioneers, whether you bought a full configuration or
just a motherboard, by buying hardware clearly labelled as "for
developers only", with all the advantages and - above all -
disadvantages this entails. In fact, we all owe you more than thanks,
we also owe you our profound respect !

           O S 4   D E V E L O P E R S '   C O N T E S T 

14 February, 2005 

 {Be sure to read the update portion of this article also, to discover
the recent changes in this contest since the Feb. 14 announcement.
 This is a contest created to motivate developers to write new native
software for AmigaOS4. Also, we need the best of all software
(platform-wise). That is why there are rules you have to follow in
order to participate in this contest. They will ensure that you use
your imagination and coding skills to the maximum. I hope to bring
this contest back every year so that it outlines the Amigan's
endeavour to push the platform to the highest level. Who can

 Any brave coder(s). If you can write some nice software, either alone
or with other developers, you can work for this contest. Note that
members of the OS4 team (developers) can't participate (they have
other stuff to do :-).
What are the prizes?

 First prize: either a standalone motherboard or 700 Euros, +
Catweasel MK4 (link). It will be a motherboard from ACK Software
Controls or from Eyetech with 256MB of RAM (OS4 included). Whatever is
available and appropriate at the end of the contest. I dont know the
future but rest assured the winner will get a deserving prize.
 The motherboard will be purchased from the Amiga dealer closest to
the winner(s). This should ensure delivery time is kept to a minimum
and so that they can offer you post sale support. Other hardware will
be delivered by the contributor himself. Note that these prizes may
grow when partners/contributors are found. What is this contest?

How should I proceed?

 * First find a good idea for a program. It should be either
completely new or one which is far better than any other program of
the same kind.
 * Write a feature list. Point out all the features of the proposed
project/application. If you want do some mock-ups to show how your GUI
will be. See the example project at the bottom for the kind of
information that's needed to enter.
 * Submit your project to us for validation. You'll receive shortly
there after either a green light which will allow you to start work or
your project will be rejected and the reasons will be given. Thus,
you'll be able to enhance it and submit it again.
 * When your project is accepted, you can start to code. A very brief
description of it will be displayed on this page. No details, just a
general idea of what your software will do. This is to avoid
duplicates as much as possible.
 * Then provide a demo of your program for the deadline.

Who will be the jury?

Myself (Elwood) and all partners of this contest:

 All the people that give some money to help this project deserve the
right to give their input and opinions.

Contest rules.

 * Your project must be a utility piece of software of whatever kind
i.e. files utility, coding, music, graphics...
 But no game, no demo.
 * Your program must not be already available on OS4 (no demo or beta
released, nothing) at submition time.
 So you may continue your work on an old OS3 program and bring it to
OS4 or port a GPL-like source code.
 * If your program is based on an OS3 program or an Open Source one,
you can't just recompile the software for OS4. Remember the goal of
this contest is to bring new stuff to Amiga OS. An OS3 program or one
available on other platforms is not new and is probably far from being
a state-of-the-art program in the pure Amiga style. I'm sure you know
what I mean. Then in these cases, do not just port the program. You'll
need to add a lot to it to be considered a new development.
 This is also to be sure that the contest is fair. You can't compare a
simple port with software written from scratch.
 * The goal is to bring new "useful" software to Amiga OS4 so your
program must be really useful. E.g. no simple sound player or picture
viewer but an enhanced player/viewer would be accepted. This is a
subtle difference and it depends on everybody point of view of course
but your project will be considered based on the feature list you
 * A demo version must be available by the deadline.
 * We want all Amiga software to be the best so you have to code
something great to be accepted in this contest. Again, no simple
'seen-many-times' software. We don't need 'yet-another-simple'
utility. Use your imagination.
 * You must code under GCC (available in the OS4 SDK) or VBCC.
 * You must use Picasso96.

 * Use OS4-specific features (hooks, reaction classes, vitualised
memory...etc). It means you must use Reaction.
 * Use OS4 newlib runtime library
 * You must produce an OS4 binary using a cross-compiler available on
the OS4 SDK (soon publically available).
 * If there's only one participant by the deadline, the contest will
be canceled.

Partners wanted!

 If you are a dealer and you want to advertise on this website and you
want to show the Amiga community that you are still a part of this
community, contribute to this contest. You can contribute by donating
some money (prefered) or by donating hardware. The money will be used
to make the prize even better (buying a case, a monitor etc...).


The deadline is: 1 Dec 2005.

 By the deadline you'll have to provide a working demo of your
program. You can cripple your program if you want too (no save option,
limited actions etc...). To help with the judging process please
provide a demo that will run with the smallest effort possible on the
judges part. Further details will be given upon validation into the


 * Are Eyetech, ACK Software Controls or Hyperion involved in this
 No. This contest was created by an Amigan for Amigans.
 * What does "not already available on OS4" mean?
 It means that it must not be available outside your current
development team (coders, betatesters). So if you've already released
your software to other people it is considered to be already usable by
users. So it can't be accepted in the contest. Remember that the goal
is to bring new developments.
 * Why Reaction? MUI is nice.
 Yes it's nice but it belongs to a third party coder and an operating
system can't rely on it. It means that if one day, for one reason or
another, AmigaOS owners won't be able to use MUI anymore, your
software won't be usable anymore under OS4.

 * What does "not available at submision time" mean?
 It means that you can't submit a project that is already running and
used by OS4 users. But you don't have to wait for the deadline to
release beta versions of your project. Since it has been accepted in
the contest you can release demos, screenshots or whatever. Doing so
you can attract new developers, betatesters.
 * I don't have OS4. How can I test my app?
 First, if your app runs in 68k with no Enforcer hits, there is great
chance that it runs on OS4, it's a start. Then, you can make a public
call to ask help from OS4 owners to betatest for you, or even to code
with you. We are a community. Work together.
 * Why newlib and not clib2?
 1) newlib is more advanced. It has more functions that clib2.
 2) for the same reason why we have shared libraries since a loooong
time: functions shared between programs, low memory usage (and some
other minor reasons like smaller binaries).
 This is one of the most famous Amiga feature, why reject it today?
 * Does any of the donations go to
 No, all donations go into a pot for the prizes, at no point does
anyone from IntuitionBase have access to the funds for this contest.
 If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me.

Project list

 The following projects have been accepted and are in the process of
becoming a reality on Amiga OS 4.0. 
Project name Author(s) 
None None

Project example

Name: printer.device
Description: Device to allow printing in the OS.

 * Compatible with OS3.9 API
 * Modular, allowing applications to be able to use any number of
 * Allows virtual printers (file creation)
 * Allows network printers
 * Allows to view/manage the print queue
 * Arexx interface


27 Feb-2005 18:04:07 (197 reads)

Hello everyone,

 First of all thanks for all your comments. They were all appreciated.
As a result of your concerns, a few things have been changed in the
contest. I hope you'll appreciate them and join.
 First of all the prize has changed. Now you can choose to win either
the hardware or the same amount in cash. So if you don't have a ┬ÁA1,
you can buy one and get refunded if you win the contest. But this
option is reserved to brave coders only! Also if you already have an
A1 you'll be interested by this second choice.
 Also a Catweasel MK4 has been added to the prize. It is a
contribution from our first Amiga dealer contributor. Thanks Soft3 for
your support. I hope many will follow you.
 Many thanks to Darren and Benjamin to support this adventure and a
special thank you to all members, you are damn kewl!

 I know there are people that are preparing to participate in this
contest. Maybe some of you are wondering what happens if you submit
your project and other people submit a better one. In this case, no
need to worry because you can update your project at any time. So if
you feel you need to make your project look better, no problem just
send me an email.
 I would like to point out that your project can be made of several
programs so you can submit a porting project. You can then work on
several smaller utilities and submit the whole package.
 Also note that if your program is GUI based you must use Reaction.
But obviously if your project is build around a port of a new GUI
toolkit to the Amiga platform, you can use it instead of Reaction.
 Coders wonder why I created the "use newlib" rule. There are several
reasons behind it. As an example, clib2 can't be used to create a
thread aware program. Also newlib is a well supported project with
hundreds of developer working on it. This makes it a project that is
worth using instead of spending time working on an Amiga-only
solution. Enhancing clib2 would require time from Amiga developers
that could spend it creating new programs for the platform. This would
go against the idea behind this contest: creating new AmigaOS
 Also I would like to say that many Amiga developers don't feel sad
about this restriction. It's enough for me to think that I am right.
 There are no more excuses start coding!


             A M I G A   E X P O   T R O N D H E I M 

21 February, 2005

 For the second time around Amiga Expo Trondheim (AmiTron) will be
arranged during the course of Saturday 2nd of April. The exposition
will mainly consist of having Amigas on display, as many models as
possible ranging from A1000 to the MicroA1.
 We will show everything from demos, old games to the newest beta of
AmigaOS4.0, the PPC-based version of AmigaOS and also AROS and
 There will be a raffle with various prizes, people selling
Amiga-related equipment, competitions and guides.
 There is a kiosk in the same building for refreshments and snacks.
The location is in the middle of Trondheim so it's close to several
restaurants, shops and hotels.
 In addition to be both nostalgic and having a peek at the future in
regards of computing technology, you will get the opportunity of
meeting persons with the same interests as you in informal
environments at Vitensenteret, Trondheim, Norway.
 Last time over 100 persons visited, if you want to have a stand,
sponsor us, bring equipment or have other questions, please contact us
at mail at ami-tron org.
 Vist our websiteat
           S C A G   S H O W   I N   S C U N T H O R P E

26 February 2005 

 Thats right folks, it is going ahead. Venue is booked and the shows
more informative website is online. Please point your browsers to
 updated, raffle prizes anounced and more
 read on for more information.
 The show is more of a social event that a computer show, all are
welcome. Bring whatever hardware you want to bring along or bring none
at all. Its totally upto you.
 If you're staying over in Scunthorpe theres even a chance to have a
meal with like minded people and have a good old knees up.
 I hope to see some of you there.

Darren "Ryu" Glenn


 SCAG is now officially sponsored by AmigaKit who have donated Quake2
(Amiga version) and a PCMCIA networking kit for the raffle.
 So now the raffle prizes stand as:
 1st Prize: Quake2 and Freespace, both Amiga versions
 2nd Prize: PCMCIA Networking kit

There could possibly be a 3rd prize too.

           A D A   N E E D S   S K I L L E D   C O D E R  

1 February, 2005 

 First a bit of background info on A.D.A (Amiga Demoscene Archive).
The site was started by two persons: Vanquish (graphics, design,
screenshot conversion,...) and z5 (content, html,...). We put the
first version online on 11 november 2001. The site was then in pure
html and featured some 120 pages
 Shortly after the launch, Syn offered to lend his php skills to
convert the site to php+mysql. He actually did a lot of work on how
A.D.A. is now in terms of php and database. Later on, Syn left the
team and i (z5) took over the php/mysql side of things.
 However, I have little time and never got around learning php inside
out. I know the basics but not enough to move the site forwards.
 I feel that we have a good base/site to evolve with now. 441
productions, tons of screenshots, logos, demo list, parties,... We're
quite happy with it. But it lacks some things.
 Therefore, we are searching for a skilled php/mysql developer with
experience in developing websites with these tools. It would be great
if that person would have a passion for demos aswell. To be honest,
the things planned aren't that complicated (or at least i hope so) so
i don't think it will be that time consuming.
 So if you like this site and would like to dedicate some time taking
it one step further, please contact me at the usual address (see
contact page on the website) to join our team.


A.miga D.emoscene A.rchive: relive the dreams

          D E A T H   O F   A M I W E S T   F O U N D E R 

 John Frederick Zacharias Passed from this earth on February 2nd, 2005
at 1:00am at Sutter General Hospital in Sacramento. He is survived by
his wife, Janice, his children Casey, Annette and Alise Zacharias and
his grandchildren, Michelle and Alex: and his sister and
brother-in-law, Mary and Bob Curtis.
 He was preceded in death by his daughter Clare and his parents Henry
and Patricia and by his brother Thomas. John graduated valedictorian
of the 1953 class at San Juan High School.
 He retired as head of CLETS at the Dept of Justice of California in
1996. John was past president of the Sacramento Amiga Computer Club
(SACC) and originator of AMIWest, the annual west coast conference for
the Amiga Computer.
 Service were held Tuesday Feb.8th at "Lutheran Church of Our
Redeemer" Marconi and Mission in Carmichael.
 He will be greatly missed in the Amiga Community and elsewhere.

       N E W S   F R O M   T H E   A M I A T L A S   F O L K S 

10 February, 2005 

 The new release of AmiATLAS especially for OS4 PPC is still work in
progress. It is a completely new program with many new features so
this needs some more time for development! The new database engine
brings tons of new and useful informations for travelling.
 In the meantime a new patch of the 68k version of AmiATLAS is
available on request for registered users. It brings more stability
within OS4 and MOS in their latest releases.

         F A S T A T A   1 2 0 0   M K - I I I   D R I V E R S 

 Elbox Computer has released today the new drivers for FastATA 1200
MK-III controllers. New software is available free of charge for all
registered users of FastATA 1200 MK-III controllers.

The update includes new versions of:
* ATA3.driver
* ATA3Prefs
* AllegroCDFS

ATA3.driver ver.8.4
- INTERRUPT support added
- RESIDENT mode support reworked

ATA3Prefs ver.8.4
- INT/NO_INT switch added
- changes in the SPLIT/NOSPLIT detection algorithm

AllegroCDFS ver.3.5
- support for MK-III hardware added

 If you own an older FastATA controller and you are resident of the
European Union, you can upgrade it now with the newest FastATA 1200
MK-III in the Trade-Up Upgrade Program receiving 40 EUR mail-in
 Info on the current software versions is available in the DOWNLOADS |
FastATA section.

        G N O M E   P N G   I C O N   S E T   F O R   O S 4 

15 February, 2005

Description:     Gnome PNG icon set for Amiga OS4
Download:     os4gnomeicons.lha       
Author:     Yurdaer D├Ânmez
Submitter:     Yurdaer D├Ânmez
Category:     graphics/icon
License:     Freeware
FileID:     500

Short:        Gnome PNG icon set for Amiga OS4
Author:       Yurdaer D├Ânmez (  
Uploader:     Yurdaer D├Ânmez (  
Version:      1.0
Type:         pix/icon
Distribution: Freely distributable
Requires:     AmigaOS 4.0 Hi/True Color Workbench, PowerIcons
Status:       EMAILWARE

14 February 2005

 I made this icons using Gnome default icon set. I would like to thank
Gnome Project ( for supplying such cute icons.

Criticisms and ideas are welcome.  

Special Thanks is going to:  

Hyperion Entertainment -  For the further development of Amiga OS 4.0 

Eyetech Ltd.           -  For the new G3/G4 Amiga PPC platform 

Elena Novaretti        -  For PowerIcons 

Massimo Tantignone     -  AmigaOS4 porting of PowerIcons

           A M I G A   M P 3   P L A Y E R   U P D A T E S 

6 February, 2005

 There are updates available for two popular Amiga MP3-players.

Amiga Amp 2.14:

 "Some more bugfixes: No http requesters any more when trying to play
a shoutcast stream while LoadBuffer is set to FILE and more reliable
streaming from servers sending the data in very small packages."

And secondly:

"Amiplifier 2.35:

 - fixed negative time display bug when the size of the mp3 increase
while playing (when downloading the actual song from internet).
 - fixed MPEG-infowindow filename underscore bug
 - The ARexx interface has been re-written using the arexx.class (this
fixed a bug in the ARexx interface using it with very long commands,
droped the WAIT command - the arexx.class doesn't support it)."
 Why Amplifier 2.35 is released as news now is because I never heard
of it until today when I searched for an arexx bug with the wait
problem solved.


          O S 4   N A T I V E   B U I L D   Q U A K E   2 

Leuven, Belgium - 2 February, 2005

 Registered users of both AmigaOS 4.0 and Quake 2 can now find a first
OS4-Native build of Quake 2 in our download area. Note that this
version is restricted to software rendering but should otherwise be
fully functional.


             S I M P L E M A I L   U P D A T E   N E W S 

5 February, 2005

 SimpleMail is a new mailer for the Amiga platform (both classic and
OS4) and compatible systems (MorphOS). It is intended to be as
portable as possible so there speaks nothing against a version for
other systems, like for example Windows.
 In the current state, SimpleMail is an beta version but it is very
stable however as we try to implement every feature so that it works
and go then on to the next one. However, SimpleMail grows very fast
and with your help it can overgrow YAM soon.
 You will always find the latest versions (which are not necessarily
placed in the AMINET) on the website. There is also a FAQ, please read
it carefuly!
 If you have any questions or bugs then send them to the
user-mailinglist please, whose URL you'll find in the website links.
Bug reports should submitted to the Bug Tracking system. But if you
have encouragements so send them to one of the main developers. You
can find our e-mail addresses in contact.

Date    News
2005/02/05    Version 0.25 of SimpleMail released! The changes are:

 * RFC 3490 support for domains of email addresses.
 * The mail preview no longer embeds the mail header but displays it
separatly. This can be switched to a compact form to save space.
 * Multiple imap accounts (with different logins) per imap server are
now possible.
 * If available "TheBar.mcc" is now used (for the main toolbar only)
 * Bug fixes and other improvements

  S M A R T F I L E S Y S T E M   ( S F S )   N E W   V E R S I O N 

5 February, 2005

 Aa new version of SmartFileSystem (SFS) has been released.

Recent changes in SmartFileSystem:
1.236 (11.2.2005)
- AmigaOS4 only changes.
- Changes for diskcache.library V3.
- Fixed another bug with partitions > 125 GB.
- Fixed a bug in the AmigaOS4 requester function.
- Updated to diskcache V2, removed support for non-standard TD64
commands if diskcache is used (diskcache uses NSD commands).
- Should no longer read any blocks from removable RDB partitions.
- Support for mounting RDB partitions on USB massstorage added.
1.232, 1.231
- AmigaOS4 only changes.
- Fixed a bug which prevented SFS from working on partitions > 125 GB.
- Locks and filehandle allocation changed.
- No longer uses TD_GETGEOMETRY in the m68k version if not running on
AmigaOS4 because of a bug in the old scsi.device or IdeFix.

        N E W   S N E S   E M U L A T O R   W A R P S N E S

9 February, 2005

Description:     Nintendo SNES Emulator (WarpSNES)

Download:     warpsnes.lha       
Version:     1.42
Author:     Per Johansson, Steffen Haeuser
Submitter:     Per Johansson
Email:     omen(at)
Requirements:     Amiga OS4
Category:     emulation/gamesystem
Replaces:     emulation/gamesystem/warpsnes.lha
License:     Freeware
FileID:     488

Short:        Nintendo SNES Emulator
Uploader: Per Johansson <>
Author:      Per Johansson, Steffen Haeuser

 (, Jeremy Koot and Gary Henderson

Unix Version)
Type:         Emulation/Gamesystem
Requires:  OS4
Recommended:  ROM's
Version:      1.42

 Currently joypad is not supported, but it will get updated as soon as
it is possible.

Changes added by Per Johansson (
- Sound added
- Small gui added + different window modes
- Saves batterybackuped data correctly
- Additional small bugfixes

 Gui banner created by: Restore2003 ( , Find him

Keys are as follows:

Esc     - Quit emulation
Up      - Up on joypad 1
Down    - Down on joypad 1
Left    - Left on joypad 1
Right   - Right on joypad 1
Z       - A on joypad 1
A       - B on joypad 1
X       - X on joypad 1
S       - Y on joypad 1
C       - TL on joypad 1
D       - TR on joypad 1
6       - Swap joypad 1/2 (use to change keyboard settings on games 
that swaps keyboard initially)

Here follows the original copyright:

 Snes9x - Portable Super Nintendo Entertainment System (TM) emulator.
 (c) Copyright 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 Gary Henderson
( and
 Jerremy Koot (
 Super FX C emulator code (c) Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999 Ivar
( and
 Gary Henderson. Super FX assembler emulator code (c) Copyright 1998
zsKnight and Demo.
 DSP1 emulator code (c) Copyright 1998 Ivar, Demo and Gary
Henderson. DOS port code contains the works of other authors. See
headers in individual files.
 Snes9x homepage:
 Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute Snes9x in both binary
and source form, for non-commercial purposes, is hereby granted
without fee, providing that this license information and copyright
notice appear with all copies and any derived work.

 This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied
warranty. In no event shall the authors be held liable for any damages
arising from the use of this software.
 Snes9x is freeware for PERSONAL USE only. Commercial users should
seek permission of the copyright holders first. Commercial use
includes charging money for Snes9x or software derived from Snes9x.
 The copyright holders request that bug fixes and improvements to the
code should be forwarded to them so everyone can benefit from the
modifications in future versions.
 Super NES and Super Nintendo Entertainment System are trademarks of
Nintendo Co., Limited and its subsidiary companies.
Amiga Update on the net:
 All back issues available at:
Stop by and check out our archive! Now in our 11th publication year. 
Copyright 2005 by Brad Webb.    Freely distributable, if not modified.
                 _    __      _     <>_   __      _      
   A M I G A    /\\    |\    /||    ||   /  `    /\\      A M I G A   
  U P D A T E  /__\\   | \  / ||    ||  || ___  /__\\    U P D A T E 
              /    \\_ |  \/  ||_  _||_  \__// /    \\_  
(cg) (Translation: ub)

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