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AmiTron (ANF)

Individual Computers to attend AmiTron 2005
The AmiTron 2005 staff is proud to announce the presence of Jens Schönfeld from Individual Computers at AmiTron 2005 arranged in Trondheim, Norway, April 2nd.

Individual Computers is famous for its line of products including the Catweasel series, Delfina, IDE-fix, Buddha, and even products for the Commodore 64. Products will be available for demo and purchase.

About Individual Computers

Individual Computers is a privately held German company founded in 1994. The company started off doing custom hardware designs only, then entered the Amiga market with own products in 1996. Digital HiFi equipment was added to the product line in 1999, and PC diagnostic hardware is produced since fall 2002. Individual Computers also engages in Retro computing, preserving "ancient" computer knowledge. Forensic data recovery has been done with partners like DN-Systems GmbH (, Vogon International ltd. ( and the US Computer Forensic Department of Defense.

About AmiTron

AmiTron is an annual exposition of Amiga technology held in the center of Norway, in the city of Trondheim. The fair consists of showing both old and new Amiga related technology to both old fans and curious newcomers. Located in Vitensenteret and organized by students it has a strong relationship to the respected University of Trondheim, NTNU. (cg)

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