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11.Mar.2005 (website)

MorphOS: New Ambient-version, Ambient-Skin Blue Ninja II

Ambient CVS-Version 11-03-2005

Lukas "Luky" Stehlik has compiled the current sources of the Ambient-project from Changes in this version (amongst others):
  • doesn't apear in window after window snapshot (kiero)
  • Snapshotting window should result in same window being opened next time (kiero) ... drive windows still after restart
  • Changed handling of string/clickpath. In default mode only clickpath is visible. After pressing "/" it's replaced by string. Tab cancels string edition. (kiero)
  • Fixed bug caused to cut statusbar text area to the half of window (scf)

Download: ambientcvs_luky.lha (470 KB)

MorphOS-Skin: Blue Space Ninja II

Tristan 'TriMa' Mangold has published a new version of his MorphOS-skin "Blue Space Ninja" (screenshot). Please use this skin like a completely new publishing, do not overwrite an existing previous installation.

  • Changed all background graphics (Window/SBar/Menu) to normal color (SkinConfig)
  • Rebuilt all SysIClass-graphics (Close/Depth/MUI/etc...) up to 4 sizes (higher resolution/bigger fonts)
  • changed whole Skinconfig (Size/Menu/Window/Propgadget/etc...)
  • rebuilt MUI Icons

Link: Download site (cg) (Translation: dr)

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