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MorphOS: software news until 2005-12-03

MorphOS skin: Ofour (update)

Oliver "Bladerunner" Hummel released an update to the AmigaOS 4 inspired MorphOS skin "Ofour" (sreenshot).

Link: download page.

LiveMixer 1.4 (beta)

"LiveMixer" by Vladimir Javorski is an audio mixer for SBlive! sound cards. The mixer uses the AC97 interface of the AHI driver "EMU10k".

Changes in this version:
  • Added 3D Stereo settings
  • Fixed iconify bug at startup
  • Added 6 channels support
  • Debug information moved from "CON:" to "SER:"
  • All rates now changeable
  • Added additional info about sound card
  • Added scales to sliders
  • Added headphones support with auto disable if SBLIVE! doesn't have it

Link: homepage
Download: livemixer-1.4b.lha (95 KB) (readme)

Binutils 2.13.1

This is an incomplete port of the GNU Binutils to MorphOS. Due to a lack of time will the author probably not continue to work on this project.

Link: homepage
Download: binutils-2.13.1-5.tar.bz2 (2.8 MB) (readme)

MorphOS wallpaper

Christian "Tokai" Rosentreter released a new wallpaper for MorphOS users.

Link: homepage (cg) (Translation: wk)

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