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07.Apr.2005 (website)

AmigaOS4: App Tool AVD Template for Developers Released
AVD Template has been released as freeware by BITbyBIT Software Group LLC. This has to do with the basic structuring of AmigaOS4 programs written in C.

AVD Template makes possible a basic implementation of the following functions:
  • Assignation of memory structure
  • Opening of necessary libraries
  • Use of command line parameters and Tooltypes
  • Classification of an application as a Commodity and manipulation of the show/hide hotkeys
  • Building of basic menus
  • Opening of simple windows by means of ReAction
  • Manipulation of the main loop events (Show/Hide/Iconify/Quit, etc.)
  • Proper closing and dispensing of all resources upon exit
The necessary makefile is also included, to use with the the project either by means of GCC on the AmigaOne or with one the AmigaOS4 cross-compiler.

Download: avd_template.lha (115 KB) (snx) (Translation: dm)

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