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MorphOS: Software-News until 08.04.2005 (Update)

mfkey 1.4

With "mfkey" Alfonso Ranieri provides a clone of the AmigaOS-commodity Fkey. mfkey currently supports only "CLI" and "ARexx".

Link: Download site

PolyOrganiser 0.81

PolyOrganiser written by Frederic 'Polymere' Rignault is a so called "PIM-Tool" (Personal Information Management) with which you can manage dates, contacts and tasks (screenshot). You can read the changes in the Changelog.

Link: Homepage
Download: PolyOrga_0.81_Update.lha (153 KB)
Download: PolyOrga_0.80.lha

REminiscence 0.1.5

REminiscence is a reimplementation of the classic Flashback. The DOS-version of Flashback is required (screenshot).

Link: Homepage
Download: REminiscence.lha (152 KB) (Readme)

Unmask 1.4

Unmask allows you to clean up the front screen with the help of several hotkeys that means to (de-)iconify certain windows.

New in version 1.4:
  • Added 2 more modes to hide the active window and/or the active application
  • Added cycle-chains

Link: Homepage
Download: unmask.lha (19 KB)


CLONCK is a configurable analog clock for the Workbench (screenshots). News:
  • Some (one, 1) users had problems with broken transparency of clonck. Fixed
  • The clock itself is now also drawn using antialias under MorphOS 1.4.x
  • The background and foreground images are now centered when the window gets sized smaller than the image dimensions
  • When a hand was pointing to a quarter hour (15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins and 60 mins) the last line of an arrow wasn't drawn. Fixed

Link: Homepage
Download: CLONCK.lha (215 KB)

anaLOGuer 1.1

"anaLOGuer" is a little program that can filter and colourfully point out useful information from the debug-logs of MorphOS (screenshot). As source Ramdebug, the serial cut and log-files are supported. You need the file PowerTerm.mcc from the MUICON-packet.

Link: Homepage
Download: analoguer.lha (20 KB)
Download: muicon.lha (291 KB)

Free Pascal Compiler 1.9.9

Karoly 'Chain-Q' Balogh has published an update of his MorphOS-port of "Free Pascal Compiler" (screenshot). You can read the changes in the readme.

Download: fpc_20050407.lha ( KB)

amifish 1.160

"amifish" is a translator with support of several languages. For the translation the Internet service is used.

Link: Homepage
Download: amifish.lha (61 KB)

Update: (08.04.2005, 19:10, cg)

Free Pascal Compiler 1.9.9 and amifish 1.160 are available. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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