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Calo Nord (ANF)

Update of AmigaSYS 1.7.1 for E-UAE (beta version)
AmigaSYS is available in a new beta version for E-UAE. AmigaSYS is a collection of a comfortable Workbench environment for use with the Amiga emulator UAE in the way of AIAB ("Amiga in a box").

AmigaSYS contains no Kickstart-ROM because of legal reasons and you need a Workbench 3.0/3.1-disk. The installation itself runs automatically.

To the current beta version for E-UAE Calo Nord wrote:

"Many users have already heard of AmigaSYS and some of you were missing the E-UAE-Version for Linux, MorphOS and AmigaOS4. Now there is a first and also last version for E-UAE. Because of the limited possibilities of E-UAE we will not work with it in future.

We have released a beta version of AmigaSYS 1.7.1 with little modifications for E-UAE. Under MorphOS the packet unfortunately does not work proper which is caused by E-UAE.

Under AmigaOS4 there is a bug when unarchiving the Startup-Sequence. After the installation this must be copied manually from the archive to the installed AmigaSYS directory. A packet created under AmigaOS4 will follow soon.

Under Linux AmigaSYS should work so far with the known limitations. If there are bugs after installing the archive the packet probably was extracted in a wrong way. This is not caused by AmigaSYS but by the unarchiver program or the Linux file system.

The current version has been successfully tested under AmigaOS4, Debian Linux PPC, SuSE 9.2 x86, Mandrake Linux 10.1 x86 and Mandrake Linux LE 2005 x86.

Because we will not develop further for E-UAE there is no support. But bug reports can be always sent to my e-mail address. If E-UAE should get remarkable progress some times later I probably will continue my work."

Download: AmigaSYS.tar.gz (35 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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