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banana development committee (ANF)

MorphOS: MisterBanana 1.3 published
It follows the original press release concerning the publishing of the newest version for the known desktop mascot for MorphOS:

"No may without Banana

That's our motto. Sadly current MisterBanana 1.5 with all the cool extra features only works properly with still unreleased MorphOS 1.666. But thanks to the banana god, we could resurrect source code of MisterBanana 1.4 and bumped it down to 1.3 to make this update release happen just in time.

It's hopefully the last before the 1.5 release, and solves no bugs or problems with the previous public release, but adds a few new sayings and options, including faked transparency, an updated hotlist, anonymizer support and a secret feature to destroy the world.

We wish you fun!

Oh.. and get the little fellow from here or become amazed 'bout this very cool screenshot." (cg) (Translation: dr)

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