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16.May 2005
Christian Rosentreter (ANF)

MorphOS/AmigaOS4: OpenTTD 0.4.0
OpenTTD is an open source clone of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", which is available for a wide range of operating systems incl. MorphOS.

The brand new version 0.4.0 was just released a few minutes ago. It will probably need a few minutes until all sourceforge mirrors have the file, so be patient. :-)

What is new in this release?
  • Bigger maps
  • New realistic acceleration; should be much better
  • Multiple road stations (up to 8) on a single station (multibus)
  • New PathFinder (NPF)
  • Dynamic towns/ industries/ stations/ vehicles/ signs/ orders/ everything, up to 64K
  • Brand new OldLoader so OpenTTD is TTD(Patch) compatible again. Also endian safe
  • Even better newgrf support, except for callbacks, everything works (ok, almost)
  • Improved multiplayer. More console options, less desyncs and more fun
  • Protected OpenTTD from interference of hacked clients, so it should be safe to play again
  • Saving vehicle sorting criteria for each vehicle type
  • Resizable orders GUI
  • Focus keyboard on input-box in Multiplayer Menu
  • terrain hotkeys nonfunctional in scenario editor (D,Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U fltr)
  • Complete rework of console and new commands like ls, save, load, help, etc.
  • Signs are shown in the colour of the player who created them
  • Added cheat option to set production of raw-material industries in game
  • Replaced train GUI remembers railtype selected from the dropdown menu
  • Improved Autoreplace
  • many more smaller features :D
  • many bugfixes
For a full list of all new features and bugfixes, known bugs and additional information please check out the documentation which is included in the release archive, which you can get from the title link.

NOTE from the author of the MorphOS port: "OpenTTD source should compile w/o a single change for AmigaOS and OS4 too. Just grab and compile. As my A4K is not up and running anymore and I do not own an A1 I can't provide ready made binaries for OS4 and AmigaOS 68k. But the source was prepared since ages with all AmigaOS 68k compatible systems in mind. As past has shown: ready made binaries for these both systems will soon appear from 3rd parties. So stay tuned if you can't use the MorphOS build and you're too lazy to start gcc. :-)"

Update: (16:10, 16.05.05, snx):
AmigaOS4-Download: openttd_aos4.lha (2 MB) (snx)

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