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24.May 2005

Package management system: APMS
With "Amiga Package Management System" (APMS) David Pitcher releases a clone of the known from the Unix world package manager like RPM or apt-get. APMS should assist users while installation or upgrade of software packages:

The program recognizes dependencies (application X requires library Y) and manages the download and installation of all required archives.

In a later phase APMS will introduce an Amiga specific format, also mechanisms to transmit bug reports to a central data base are planned. Additionally support of further platforms (beside AmigaOS 4) and servers (beside is thought of.

The first version of APMS still has several bugs and is partly incomplete:
  • Install, uninstall and update do not work yet
  • Loads of debug output
  • The program does not show verbose status information
  • Before download the ( category must be selected by hand

For all interested ones there is a mailing list at yahoo groups available. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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