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25.May 2005
dietmar (ANF)

Formerly commercial editor microgolded updated and now a free download
microgolded is now available as free download. Instead of asking users to pay for it, it is released as sponsored software and contains offline advertising.

About microgolded: microgolded is a small editor. It provides basic editing features, such as undo-redo, folding, macro recording, formatting, auto-case, auto-completion and other basic editor stuff. It is very fast and very configurable. All in one file, no installation.


Registered users can find a new, advertising-free version on the GoldED website. New features: black-on-white color scheme (optional) and navigation tabs.

Amiga users and dealers interested in advertising software, events, websites or services in microgolded please contact GoldED support. (snx)

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