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26.May 2005
MorphZone (forum)

Pegasos: CD32-Live-CD Released via BitTorrent
Marcel 'Frostwork' Unbehaun has released Pegasos software for making your own CD32-Live-CDs. This may be downloaded from via BitTorrent.

The archive only needs a CD32 ISO image of your choice named "cd32.iso" as well as a CD32 Kickstart ROM image named "cd32.rom" in the main directory and then burn it all to CD.

On top of that the CD contains the 3D-Ego-Shooter Aleph One and several emulators (inc. MAME, Sega, Nintendo, and C64). Aleph One requires some additional files that are available by clicking on the previous "Aleph One" link. The emulators require the desired games as well as the BIOS or Kickstart image corresponding to the system.

More information may be found in the instructions in the archive as well as the related MorphZone thread.

The CD32-Live-CD has only been tested on Pegasos II computers so far, the results on Pegasos I are not yet available.

Torrent-Datei: cd32-live.torrent (snx) (Translation: dm)

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