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MorphOS: Software News through 22nd of June, 2005

MUICON 50.20

MUICON is an MUI-based console handler by Jacek Piszczek, who also provides his own terminal display class (PowerTerm.mcc). Version 50.20 reacts now also to ixemul-based utilizations to window size-changing requirements, OpenSSH utilizers should download the newest version of this program on account of that.

Link: Homepage
Download: muicon.lha (290 KB)
Download: muicon_int.lha (12 KB) (catalog data)

logTool 1.6

logTool (previously known as "anaLOGuer") is a little program that filters useful information from MorphOS debug logs and can display the info colorfully (screenshot). The source supports Ramdebug, the serial port and log data. The code of PowerTerm.mcc from MUICON-packet is required. Changes since v1.4:
  • Fixed a possible race on quit.
  • About doesn't clear the display anymore.
  • Closes the file directly after reading it (log from file mode).
  • Added spurious interrupt to default filter remove list.

Link: Homepage
Download: logtool.lha (36 KB)

FloppyTest 1.0

FloppyTest contains several small routines that were generated as a byproduct during development of a floppy driver for MorphOS. The archive should give insight to other developers in the steering of ISA equipment and uncovering a few problems in the built-in Southbridge of the Pegasos.

In this archive you'll find help programs for the steering of drive motors, for reading about individual sectors, and for interrupt handling, all including commented source code.

Link: Download page
Download: FloppyTest (7 KB) (cg) (Translation: dm)

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