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Aminet-Uploads until 25.07.2005
Here are the new Aminet uploads since our last posting:
DatabenchDemo.lha       biz/dbase   177K       Small Database (german)
bugsquish-mos.lha       game/actio  802K  MOS  Squish bloodthirsty bugs with your fly sw
cannonfodder_nm.lha     game/data   161K       Set of new levels to Cannon Fodder
JaktarDemo1.lha         game/demo   320K       Playable Demo from JAKTAR
Kargon.lha              game/demo   577K       Thrilling dungeon-chase, 1-4 players
Marblelous2.lha         game/demo   605K       Playable demo of Marblelous 2 (ECS and RTG)
TestamentDemo.lha       game/demo   1.3M       Playable demo of a new 3D-game
WormWars.lha            game/misc   668K  OS3  Worm Wars 8.3b: Advanced snake game
bor_pngicons.lha        game/wb     335K  OS4  Beats Of Rage Icon Pack (For All MODS)
ataripac2pbm-mos.lha    gfx/conv     14K  MOS  Atari ST PAC to PBM converter
splayer_v1.9sebeta.lha  mus/play    179K       SPlayer 1.9se (Beta)
DiskMaster.lha          util/dir    358K  VAR  DiskMaster2 - 68K & OS4
DiskMasterV37.lha       util/dir    246K  OS3  DiskMaster2 for Kickstart V37+
pdalink.lha             util/libs   131K       PDALink for AmigaOS 3 with source
(cg) (Translation: nba)

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