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26.Jul.2005 (Webseite)

AmigaOS4: Protracker port and "Dirty Preview 4" of the MPlayer


The music program Protracker version 2.3d from 1993 is currently ported to OS4 by Per Johansson together with Ronald Hof and Timm Müller, it is said to be 75% complete. At the AmiGBG 2005 a betaversion has been released (screen shot).

Alsa a CD was composed which contains additional to the program itself also music modul, demo effects and some more extras.

please note that Protracker must not mirrored elsewhere without the author's permission. Donations for his work on pograms for AmigaOS4 can be done at his webseite.

protracker-os4-beta.20050725.lha (280 KB)
pt.iso (684 MB)

MPlayer - "Dirty Preview #4"

From the not yet finished port of video player MPlayer for AmigaOS4 there is another preview version released.

The most important changes:
  • Altivec problem with G3 processors solved (feedback welcome)
  • GetBusKey bug removed
  • Usage of the asyncio.library removed - thanks to Olaf Barthel's clib2 the original MPlayer sourcecode works well
  • Use of the MPlayer version 1.0pre7 (and CVS changes ) which results in more features and codec
  • WPA video driver removed because it was useless
  • Exchange of the video driver vo_overlay and vo_cgx, MPlayer can be used with it's filename onlyn
Download: mplayer.lha (3,6 MB) (snx) (Translation: ub)

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