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01.Aug.2005 Uploads til 01.08.2005
These are the uploads since our last messages:
mpegadt.lha        dat/sou  19kb play mpeg audio files (mp3)
glmatrix.tgz       gra/scr 357kb Matrix screen saver
mcc_nlist.lha      lib/mui 612kb NList custom classes for MUI (v0.97)
mcc_toolbar.lha    lib/mui 106kb Toolbar custom class for MUI (v15.12)
helloh.lha         dem/sce 870kb Hello Hungary - short demo/intro from fYaNICA #12
limpidclock.lha    uti/wor 156kb transparent clock / calendar
ripmine.lha        net/ema 328kb ripMIME tool to decode MIME formatted messages
cvs_amiga_bin.lha  dev/uti   2Mb CVS version control system
cvs_amiga_src.lha  dev/uti   1Mb CVS version control system
eatthewhistle.lha  gam/spo   8Mb Eat The Whistle
themes.lha         gra/the 625kb Two New Themes for the New Intuition
tcpspeed.lha       net/mis  58kb Measure the TCP throughput of a TCP channel
goattracker.lha    aud/tra 608kb A crossplatform C64 music editor
kens_images.lha    gra/ico  86kb Ibrowse & Aweb Toolbars in the "Ken's Icon" style.
lua.lha            dev/lan 900kb Lua powerful embeddable programming language
loccounter.lha     dev/uti  72kb Simple SLOC counter for C/C+        net/mis  82kb VNC server for AmigaOS4
telnet.lha         net/mis  40kb Improved telnet client (with source)
mencoder.lha       vid/edi   3Mb MEncoder for OS4
mplayer.lha        vid/pla   4Mb MPlayer 1.0pre7bDirty Preview #4 Refresh
changereg.lha      dev/uti   6kb ChangeREG helps converting source codes to OS4
aod.lha            dem/mis   9Mb Art of demomaking examples
tdec.lha           dem/mis   8Mb The Demo Effects Collection
autoupdatewb.lha   uti/wor  20kb Automatic updating of Workbench drawer window
(cg) (Translation: nba)

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