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Dennis 'Psyria' Lohr (ANF)

Music: Psyria publishes first regular album
Dennis "Psyria" Lohr writes:

"Since the last official release at the Psyria homepage a little time has passed. After a little longer break Psyria is back again. And perhaps a bit different as others would have expected.

During the artisitc break Psyria has tried to make new connections in the music business. His latest sent away demo cd has brought the long desired feedback...

Psyria has signed a record contract at the label 3H Music Productions for a first album release this summer. The exact date of publication is the 10.17.2005

Further Informations will follow this week at the homepages of Psyria and 3H Music.

At this moment I want to thank all my fans and and the ones who have believed in me and like my music. Furthermore a big thanks to the Amiga community for the support I have received from you through all the years!" (cg) (Translation: ts)

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