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Aminet-Uploads til 06.11.2005
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
xnet-rss.lha                 comm/news   1.3M  OS4  Native AOS4.0 RSS News Reader
facts.lha                    comm/tcp    199K  OS3  NTP clock time synchroniser AutoDST/GUI
asp2php-mos.lha              comm/www    125K  MOS  ASP to PHP converter.
asp2php.lha                  comm/www    265K  OS4  asp to php converter
bmp2ico.lha                  comm/www      6K  OS4  bmp 2 ico converter
beegeez.lha                  dev/basic     5K  GEN  Short examples of using some devices and
SFinfo.lha                   dev/basic    11K  OS3  sndfile.library dev kit for Blitz
libablit.lha                 dev/c       2.4M  OS4  Alpha Channel Blit Library
coreutils-bin.lha            dev/gg      4.6M  OS4  GNU core utilities
coreutils-src.lha            dev/gg      8.2M  OS4  GNU core utilities
France.lha                   docs/hyper   55M  GEN  La France par monts et par vaux : An "en
fourmaze_demo.lha            game/actio  301K  OS3  Pacman Clone
ularn.lha                    game/actio  501K  OS4  Ultra Larn, dungeon game in Hack or Mori
WoodenBars.lha               game/demo    52K  OS3  Simple bars game for all the PAL AMIGAs
scummvm-0.8.0.lha            game/misc   2.4M  MOS  Adventure game engine
scummvm.lha                  game/misc   3.3M  OS4  Point-and-Click adventure interpreter
scummvm_tools-mos.lha        game/misc   616K  MOS  SCUMMVM tools for use with SCUMMVM games
WarpView.lha                 gfx/show     31K  OS4  A fast Image Viewer using Warp3D
551conv_asm.lha              misc/emu     10K  GEN  Source code for 551conv
NESDevTools_AOS4.lha         misc/emu     74K  OS4  NES Development Graphics Tools               misc/emu    506K       PalmUAE
RomSearcher_AOS4.lha         misc/emu    227K  OS4  RomSearcher
amipcb_1.11.lha              misc/sci    573K  OS4  PCB vectorial electronics program
digifilter-1.0.lha           misc/sci     53K  MOS  Digital FIR filter design software
rockbeat.lha                 mus/edit    1.6M  OS4  Create drumming tracks and export them a
ringtonetools.lha            mus/misc    135K  OS3  Convert and create ringtones/logos for m  mus/play    2.0M  GEN  Source code for Eagleplayer 2.04 as foun
Eagleplayer_2.03.lha         mus/play    2.1M  OS3  Eagleplayer V2.031
Eagleplayer_key.lha          mus/play      0K  GEN  Eagleplayer-keyfile for non-commercial u
wb.jpg                       pix/wb        5K  GEN  Helgis' WB!
wb2.jpg                      pix/wb      181K  GEN  Modified Helgis' Zami Theme BeOS Style!
MemTrailer.lha               util/boot    16K  OS3  allocates 16-96 bytes for mem-protection
abc-shell.lha                util/misc   531K  OS4  Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell
ringtonetools.lha            util/misc   165K  OS4  Helps in the creation of ringtones
NewWait4Port.lha             util/rexx    12K  VAR  Replacement for WaitForPort command
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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