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Sven Dröge (ANF)

Stock excange software proBonds V2.20
Today the Version 2.2 of the Stock excange software proBonds was released. The author did't have a MorphOS or AmigaOS 4 System, so he ask special for Errormessages on this systems.

Major changes:
  • Windows by adding of information are reduced.
  • ISIN as Identificationsfeature for Objectes added
  • Several gui corrections added
  • Objecteditor & Exchangeindexeditor are not longer modally
  • Several items are corrected on the graphical user interface
  • Statistics are now shown graphical
  • Reimplementation of a simple printfunction
  • A lot of minor details are improved by the constructive help of the betatester. Many thanks of the author at this point.
For the next vision a improved depotmanager with better handling and more functions, e.g. funds,is planed. Also the implemtation of a graphical display for depots is a target. (snx) (Translation: aj)

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