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MorphOS: ezTCP 0.13, 7zip 4.29, Antiword 0.36.1

ezTCP 0.13

Pavel 'Sonic' Fedin has released alpha version 0.13 of the PPC native TCP/IP stack ezTCP. It fixes kown bugs of the predecent version.

Thanks to a hint by Frank Mariak AmiSSL should work now, too. Also the functions MiamiIsOnline() and MiamiOnOffline() have been implemented now which should are needed by YAM to work properly.

The DHCP implementation has been started from scratch again, since the formerly planed solution was tied to too many Unix dependencies.

If you encounter problems with applications while using ezTCP please inform the author or have a look to the regarding thread at the MorphZone.

Download page

7zip 4.29

7zip is a file compressor with a high compression ratio. Four bugs from the recent version 4.27 have been removed.

Download: 7zip_4.29_mos.lha (1,1 MB)

Antiword 0.36.1

Antiword is a tool to convert Word documents to either plain Text, AdobePDF, PostScript or XML/DocBook.

With version 0.35 Word documents may be converted to "formated" texts with a marked *bold*, /italic/ and _underlined_ words. Additionally the analysis of tables and support for the cyrillic alphabet has been improved.

Download: antiword_0.36.1.lha (258 KB) (snx) (Translation: ub)

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