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Thorsten Passow (ANF)

Spreadsheet: StarAm Plan 2.3
Thorsten Passow discloses the completion of version 2.3 of his spreadsheet StarAm Plan. Changes compared to version 2.24:
  • almost all chart types can be created using the graphics menu now. This includes the superpostion auf different charts. A requester pops up first, now, to request the most important settings.
  • the error messages of the commands in the menus edit and format contain more information and give you different choices in some cases now. The commands will be executed incompletely if this makes sense now.
  • the data in the clipboard can be inserted as complete row or column if desired
  • it is possible to insert references to other worksheets or layers in a formular by mouse now
  • the options empty and zeros are supported by all chart types but the 2d area chart now
  • the feature provided by XPK to save worksheets encrypted is better supported now
  • the autosave function has been improved
  • a lot of further improvements
  • many bugs fixed
  • registered users can get the german manual as PDF file if desired now
  • [sic]

A complete list of changes is part of the archive, which is available for download under the title link. (cg) (Translation: cad)

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