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Aminet-Uploads til 13.11.2005
Aminet-Uploads since our last news report:
StarAm_Plan.lha              biz/misc    848K  OS3  Spreadsheet, V2.3,OS 3.0+, 68000 CPU
StarAm_Plan881.lha           biz/misc    842K  OS3  Spreadsheet, V2.3,OS 3.0+, needs FPU
ctorrent.lha                 comm/tcp     60K  OS3  BitTorrent Client For Amiga
grp_0divide.lha              demo/aga    130K  OS3  ZeroDivide - 64Kb AGA Intro by gRp
grp_0dividermx.lha           demo/aga     55K  OS3  ZeroDivideRmx - 52Kb AGA Intro by gRp
beegeez.lha                  dev/basic     6K  GEN  Short examples of using some devices and
clipit.lha                   dev/c       264K  VAR  ClipIt V2 GUI for clipboard.device src i
expat-ppc.lha                dev/c       1.2M  OS4  Expat C library for parsing XML
cppboost.lha                 dev/misc    5.8M  OS4  Boost C++ libraries
subversion-1.1.4.lha         dev/misc    6.6M  VAR  Revision control system, successor to RC
amon.lha                     dev/moni     23K  GEN  AMON hex monitor (Pascal source)            dev/moni      1K  OS3  SysSpeed Module: A3000/CyberstormMKII/Cy
alcatraz_iq.lha              game/demo   391K  OS3  Alcatraz' IQ Engine (3D Engine)       game/demo   2.8M  OS3  Land of Genesis (Demo)
njam_mos.lha                 game/jump   1.4M  MOS  Full featured cross-platform pacman-like
PacMan05.lha                 game/jump   1.2M  OS4  PacMan 05
scummvm_tools-aos4.lha       game/misc   822K  OS4  SCUMMVM Tools for use with SCUMM games.
magx-mos.lha                 game/text   377K  MOS  text adventures compiler
scrambly.lha                 game/think  208K  OS4  puzzle game - port of a cellphone game
mencoder.lha                 gfx/edit    3.1M  OS4  MEncoder for OS4
shim-src.lha                 gfx/show     13K  GEN  C Source of shim, a CLI image viewer
d_WinUAE.lha                 hard/drivr    5K  OS3  German keymap for WinUAE
vbamuigui.lha                misc/emu     14K  OS4  VisualBoy Advance MUI GUI
BA_Tracks.lha                mods/blkha  194K  GEN  4 PT (2 channel) mods by blakkhar
Beat_for_my_sweet_remix.lha  mods/blkha  2.0M  GEN  DBM remix by blakkhar
CantUCremix.lha              mods/blkha  131K  GEN  DBM remix by blakkhar
KDA.lha                      mods/blkha  860K  GEN  DBM by blakkhar
MimiInHouse_Mix.lha          mods/blkha   46K  GEN  PT mod by blakkhar
OK.lha                       mods/blkha  570K  GEN  DBM by blakkhar
Spectrum-One.lha             mods/blkha    5K  GEN  PT mod by blakkhar
ruidos nuevos 4.mp3          mods/mpg    3.6M  GEN  Song by Diezi7      mods/xm     450K  GEN  Realms of Atmosfear (XM Module)  mods/xm     185K  GEN  Break the Silence (XM Module)   mods/xm     460K  GEN  Cyberical Wargames (XM Module)       mods/xm     477K  GEN  Red Alert (XM Module)
ADPCM_dec.lha                mus/misc     25K  OS3  Decoder for Christian Buchner's ADPCM pa
freedb_copytracks.lha        mus/misc     11K  GEN  ARexx script for FreeDB to copy CD track
playOGG.lha                  mus/play    986K  OS3  Plays OGG, MP3, FLAC, VOB, AC3, RA, mods
snowyhills-panorama.jpg      pix/3dani   268K  GEN  Snowy Hills (Computergenerated Panorama)
EVIcons.lha                  pix/icon    197K  GEN  NewIcons for Eye Viewer v1.x-2.1
EVSkullflags.lha             pix/icon     34K  GEN  Patch with Skullflags for Eye Viewer 2.1
WWorth_fincats.lha           text/edit    27K  OS3  Wordworth 3SE,4SE & 7 Finnish catalogs
mkpasswd.lha                 util/cli      8K  OS4  Small program for generating 'random' pa
wave_dt.lha                  util/dtype  113K  OS4  An OS4 native RIFF-WAVE datatype, with s
StartBar-ITA.lha             util/misc    96K  OS3  Italian version of StartBar
wbmakelink_os4.lha           util/wb      49K  OS4  A tool to make links all over your volum
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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