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Neo (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: Status-Update for AVD GUI Builder
The commercial AVD GUI Builder is for building and maintenance of Reaktion-based graphical user identerfaces. The author linked to the header screenshoots to demonstrated how to use this tool with the most available reaction-objecs.

The newest version, which are available for registered user soon, supports now 25 Reaction and BOOPSI-Classes, to able build and manipulate in realtime. A interactive clipboard-system is available and also a definition of a user interfaces which is builed from more then one window is now possible. Loading of existing projects is now per Drag'n Drop on the AppIcon or into the AppWindow possible.

AVD Template Project v1.2.0.0

The Freeware "AVD Template" is a template of a frame for a AmigaOS 4-application, writen in C. The newest version is added with programcode for handling more then one window and it's now possible to combinated it with the C-output from the newest GUI Builder-Version. The newest version will be released at Aminet in next time.


This new freeware-project generates from XML-projectdata, e.g. builded by GUI Builder, "on-the-fly" a graphical userinterface. E.g. guiX is usefull to generate graphical userinterfaces for Shell- or ARexx-Scripts. A first version will be released with a final version of GUI Builder. (cg) (Translation: aj)

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