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Amiga Future / MorphZone

MorphOS: Software-News until 16.11.2005

E-UAE 0.8.28-2

Yesterday Fabien Coeurjoly provided the latest version 0.8.28 of the Amiga emulator E-UAE. However there is no information concerning the changes in the archives.

Download: e-uae-0.8.28-2.lha (2,3 MB)

Tuxracer 0.61

The French developer 'SixK' yesterday once again compiled his porting of the game Tuxracer, where you have to steer the Linux penguin down a snow covered hill (Screenshot),in the latest version 0.61 for MorphOS. We have no information concerning the changes.

Download: tuxracer-0.61-mos.lha (8,3 MB)

Scumm VM Bubbles V2

Oliver 'Bladerunner' Hummel has extended his pictographs for the game engine ScummVM among other things with icons for Heirs of the Earth and Gobliiins.

Download-Seite (snx) (Translation: iw)

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