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IRC-Klient: Wookiechat 1.9.1 for AmigaOS 3/4
The newest Version 1.9.1 of the MUI-based IRC-Klients Wookiechat (Screenshot) is available in Versionen for AmigaOS 3 and 4 with following changes:
  • When you're holding down the left mouse button highlighting text, channel messages etc are paused until you let go.
  • "Unknown nick" and "Cannot send to channel" messages are displayed in their proper tabs again
  • Channel lists are no longer sorted alphabetically. It was causing a huge drain on the CPU when thousands of channels were present. It sometimes led to a crash.
  • No more garbled channel part messages
  • "Clear all" button added to the URL Grabber window
  • Added code to prevent DCC Transfers window from popping to the front when you get an incoming file if its already open in the background somewhere
  • 68k WookieChat development has resumed, and it longer hangs when recieving incoming DCC sends. A divide by zero bug in the file transfer stats function has been removed! (thank you wegster for telling me what was wrong)
  • Now works with WebChat and DarkMyst networks (homes of and #amigazeux). Wookie was doing its connection detection in a slightly bad way previously.
  • Clicking in the main chat display now activates the chat string gadget
  • Outgoing swear word filter. use /filter to toggle on and off

Download: WookieChat1_9_1.lha (370 KB) (cg) (Translation: aj)

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