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05.Dec.2005 Uploads til 04.12.2005
Uploads since our last update:
tt.lha                gam/act  731kb  Simple shooting game
yasfcave.lha          gam/mis  377kb  obscure CaveFlyer
ivan.lha              gam/rol    2Mb  Iter Vehemens ad Necem: a rogue-like RPG
ivan_src.lha          gam/rol  909kb  Sources for IVAN
beav.lha              uti/tex  130kb  BEAV - emacs style file editor
missdriller.lha       gam/mis    1Mb  A remake of  the classic Namco game MrDr
viewilbm.lha          gra/vie  386kb  Displays IFF-ILBM pictures, supports col
wbtitlebar.lha        uti/wor   17kb  Switch the workbench titlebar On/Off
mmvolume.lha          uti/doc    8kb  Control the Mixer's Master Volume from t
limpidclock_fr.lha    uti/wor    1kb  French catalog for Limpidclock
id-utils.lha          dev/uti  693kb  Language-independent identifier database
zip.lha               uti/arc  223kb  Zip & UnZip
gnu-sed-ss.lha        uti/she  330kb  The GNU sed stream editor
wet_fr_cat.lha        uti/wor    1kb  French translation catalog for Wet
luola.lha             gam/act    3Mb  A clone of Gravity force 2 / RocketZ (Vf
pengswim.lha          gam/mis    1Mb  Small game where u swim and eat fish (sp
simpleplay.lha        aud/pla  591kb  Plays MP3 OGG WAV VOC MOD S3M IT XM MIDI
anotice_sp.lha        uti/tex   11kb  Update for the Spanish locale of ANotice    vid/pla   41kb  skins for DvPlayer  vid/pla   23kb  skins for DvPlayer
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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