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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: Alphaversion 0.14 of ezTCP released
Pavel 'Sonic' Fedin has the Alphaversion 0.14 of his MorphOS-nativen TCP/IP-Stacks ezTCP released. DHCP will be with limitations now supported.

  • miami.library:
    • Rewritten MiamiIsOnline() to recognize local interfaces by IFF_LOOPBACK flag instead of "lo" in the beginning of the name
    • Added new functions: link_aton() and link_ntoa(), ezTCPResetNetDB()
    • Rewritten resolver control functions due to changed internal data interchange
  • kernel:
    • Changed default mbuf configuration
    • Fixed potential crash in Dup2Socket() if destination socket is in use
    • Tag (if present) is now printed properly in the syslog
    • Now accepts netmasks smaller than default one
    • Added support for AF_LINK addresses
    • rtm_pid field in route messages is now filled in properly
    • Added private tag exposing resolver state structure - for future miami.library functions
    • Added support for SIOCGIFMTU and SIOCGIFINDEX ioctl's
    • Added private EZTCP_FindKernelVar() function providing support for libkvm used by netstat utility
    • Fixed RESET ARexx command
    • Added private EZTCP_ResetNetDB() function (provides support for miami.library/ezTCPResetNetDB())
  • Syslog viewer:
    • Removed redundant "Save as..." operation from the menu
  • CLI environment:
    • "ifconfig" utility upgraded
  • DHCP support:
    • First introduced; it doesn't set up DNS servers yet, though, therefore you have to ask IPs from your sysadmin/provider and write them to resolv.conf manually.
Please inform the Author in case of problems between your program and ezTCP or consult the Thread in the MorphZone.

Downloadseite (snx) (Translation: aj)

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