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12.Dec.2005 Uploads til 11.12.2005 uploads since our last report:
5inarow.lha       gam/boa  272kb  5 in a row tic tac toe
roadfighter.lha   gam/dri    5Mb  A remake of the great RoadFighter from k
ivan-src.lha      gam/rol  906kb  Sources for IVAN
ivan.lha          gam/rol    2Mb  Iter Vehemens ad Necem: a rogue-like RPG
dme.lha           uti/tex  325kb  DME - text editor.
bomns.lha         gam/act    1Mb  2 player bomb your friend game.
amines.lha        emu/gam  447kb  NES Emulator
angband.lha       gam/rol    1Mb  Angband - a modern rogue-like RPG game
tome.lha          gam/rol    3Mb  T.o.M.E. - Tales of Middle Earth (Angban
wet.lha           uti/wor  670kb  Weather conditions on Workbench 4, AppIc
protracker23.lha  aud/tra  423kb  Protracker 2.3d rewritten (beta 2)
cyclone.lha       gam/act    1Mb  Smooth scrolling shoot em up.
ularn.lha         gam/adv  501kb  Ularn - ultra Larn
diskwar.lha       gam/mis  205kb  Strange tennis type of a game.
sdl-toms.lha      gam/puz  380kb  An SDL "Atoms" clone
sudoku.lha        gam/puz  365kb  Sudoku -  a number-based puzzle/game
rmouse.lzx        dri/inp   14kb  Bootmouse driver for OS4's USB stack wit
alienpool.lha     gam/act    6Mb  Strange asteroids clone with lots of new
knoga.lha         gam/boa    1Mb  Yatzee game for OS4.
amphetamine.lha   gam/pla    1Mb  Plattform game with puzzles.
aklabeth.lha      gam/rol  367kb  Ultima Zero
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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