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Genesi (e-mail)

Genesi grants licenses to ODM Technologies
San Antonio, Texas - 16 December 2005 - Genesi has licensed ODM Technologies Inc. to produce the EFIKA design with the Pegasos HAL/OF. The license agreement includes a provision for a minimum production quantity of 50,000 units. The EFIKA board is to be the foundation for number of ODM products. The centerpiece to the EFIKA is the Freescale MPC5200 SoC (system on a chip).

ODM Technologies' CTO Cliff Blodget stated: "We are pleased to have concluded this Agreement with Genesi. Our objective is to leverage the extensive library of software supported by the Pegasos HAL/OF. We will develop to the Pegasos HAL/OF and not the hardware directly. The EFIKA is a starting point for us and we can push ahead immediately with application development using Genesi's Open Desktop Workstation as we prepare to ramp up for production."

The Pegasos HAL/OF is a flexible and scalable hardware abstraction layer for PowerPC driven devices and IEEE 1275 compliant Open Firmware implementation. The Pegasos HAL/OF can support a wide range of devices, ranging from Smart Phones to SMP server blades. Pegasos HAL/OF-supported base hardware will run all Pegasos HAL/OF-supported software and activate all Pegasos HAL/OF-supported peripherals. The Pegasos HAL/OF increases speed to market and provides extensive operating system and application support based on free open and closed source software.

About ODM Technologies, Inc.

ODM Technologies, Inc. is a California corporation established in 2001 with offices in Miramar California, Houston Texas, Grand Rapids Michigan and China. ODM's core business is product development, management of contract manufacturing and R&D of new technologies. ODM Customers include many top American and Canadian brand names. ODM products include a variety of audio, video and multimedia devices for the home and mobile user.

About Genesi:

Genesi is a leading provider of PowerPC based computing products. Genesi's OpenFirmware (IEEE1275) compliant PegasosPPC family is designed to bring PowerPC technology, flexibility, and efficiency to the desktop, home entertainment, netcom, low-end server and pervasive market segments at an affordable price. (snx)

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