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Bernd Roesch (ANF)

AROS: New Betaversion of AfA OS
Linked to the title is a new version of AFA OS ("AROS for AmigaOS) available. Beside fixed errors are now 67 AROS equivalent comands of the 119 EXEC-comands implemented.

List of fixed problems:
  • The cycletmenu-problem is fixed with a new exec.library.
  • The right default metric mode is now used by the fontmanager
  • More fixed Errors, usable for to AROS ported software:
    • The AROS-picture-datatype shows now pictures inside of MUI toolbar buttons, if this is activated inside of MUI-prefs.
    • The diskfont.library set the font-flag "FSF_ANTIALIASING 0x10" by TrueType-Fonts - the MUI-textclass (used also by YAM) do not draw thick, if the cursor moved righthand, a version >15.16 of texteditor.mcc is recommended.
    • AllocMem works now with the MEMF_LARGEST-Flag
    • The AROS diskfont-library set the TF_XSize-Flag now for wide characters; through this proportional fonts are working in graphical user interfaces, which are calculating the this with this value. (e.g. GoldED, some DirOpus-Magellan-wondows or DevsMan)
(snx) (Translation: aj)

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