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IRC client: WookieChat 1.9.2
Since today, WookieChat 1.9.2 is available. This minor release fixes an important bug in the OS3 version that prevented multiple tabs from working correctly. It was locking up when switching between tabs, or when one closed a tab. The authors thanks 'foody' for reporting this bug. The biggest change in the new release is alias support.

Changes in version 1.9.2:
  • Incoming file transfers with spaces in the filename is accepted now
  • Pause while selecting text fixed
  • Tab switching works properly under OS3 now
  • Outgoing /notice and /msg appear in the currently viewed tab again
  • Split up the Incoming and Outgoing DCC File Transfers Window into two separate windows, to take up less space when not needed.
  • No longer creates empty logs (0 bytes) when logging is disabled
  • If you start a line with "//" it sends that text normally. It wont try to use it as a command anymore.
  • /join no longer requires a '#' preceeding the channel name
  • Added basic command alias support. e.g. /j can replace /join
  • Added a /say command to speak in the current tab. Could be useful in conjunction with an alias
  • Tabs now have a black square in them to show theres been no activity, and have been made more compact
  • Tabs sit in a virtual group now, so that the window isnt forced to be as large as the amount of tabs you have open
Download: wookiechat.lha (375 KB) (snx)

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