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Christian Rosentreter (ANF)

MorphOS: PowerTerm.mcc 50.60
Straight from the South Pole, Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek sends an update for the MUI class PowerTerm.mcc for MUICON/SSHCON.

The archive is available under the title link. Moreover, the author announces versions of PowerTerm as well as, subsequently, of MUICON, for Mac OS X also.

Changes since the previous release (50.55):
  • 50.56: Huge changes in the class' structure. Adapted large parts of the terminal emulation to work on Mac OS X. Tweaked to use libmosutil (os-independant tags/pools support lib)
  • 50.57: Added ESC[Z, ESC[I, fixed the table stops generator, reworked vt_nexttabstop to move the cursor and handle forward wrap, implemented vt_prevtabstop. More work on the ATSUI rendering engine for OSX. Implemented vta_renderline, vta_renderlinepart, vta_refresh, vta_render
  • 50.58: Fixed tabs (tab forward should not wrap!), impelemented scroll left/right escape sequences (ESC[ P, ESC[ @), fixed vt_getesccode not to get confused by the @ code
  • 50.59: Added an OSX PowerTermScroll class, the OSX port can handle a NSScroller object now. A lot of work in the ATSUI renderer, enabled font matching to allow all possible unicode characters, write method, some work on delayed refreshing. More rendering code - added marking display, finished most of the render sections
  • 50.60: OSX vt_scrollto, vt_postwrite and companions, Cocoa PTerm begins to get functional
(snx) (Translation: cad)

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