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GFX drivers: CyberGraphX 4.3 RC 6
An update for the graphics card driver system CyberGraphX has been released. Version 4.3 RC 6 allows CyberGraphX 4 owners to use the graphics cards CyberVision 3D, CyberVision 64 and Picasso IV with MorphOS on dual boot setups.

Above cards have been successfully tested under PowerUp MorphOS 1.4.5 on an Amiga 4000T with a CyberstormPPC processor board, other drivers might work as well.

Please note that MorphOS 1.4.5 contains a faulty hal.com1 file which does not map CyberVision 3D cards properly in ZorroIII mode. People who like to use this card with MorphOS should replace this file in the "roms" directory by its newer version. This file only needs to be replaced if you own a CyberVision 3D and use PowerUp MorphOS 1.4.5.

cgxv42_rc6.lha (506 KB)
mos_hal_cv3dfix.lha (34 KB) (snx)

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