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AmigaOS 4: TuneNet 0.72a (Beta)
TuneNet is a MP3-, OGG-, AHX-, AIFF- and Protracker-player for AmigaOS 4 that even plays MP3-streams from the internet (Screenshot). Updates in version 0.72a:
  • MP3 detection improved (for use with the OGG Vorbis plugin!!!).
  • Double click on Plugin List added to get a description of the plugin.
  • Docky D&D Send Message improved to fix problems with other dockies such as YAM.
  • Playlist detection from WB / CLI / D&D (.m3u extension recognised).
  • m3u files with comments are now handled.
  • m3u relative paths now supported (great for files produced by CD Rippers).
  • Playlist loading now silently checks for the playlist files existence before (checking &) adding them to the list.
  • New OS4 style Requester boxes added.
  • Help "bubbles" can be toggled on or off from the settings menu and at startup from the preferences.
  • Fixed a bug in the Find routine which could give some false positives.
  • MP3 Icecast support added (wasn't too difficult)
  • http streams within m3u files now allowed.
  • Improvements to stream recovery and forced restarts on buffer empty.
  • Single streams specified from the cli "-stream" option or from m3u files can now be saved along with the playlist.
  • DNS timeout added to finally halt any long term network related lockups (6 second time out by default).
  • Blank URLS in PLS files are now handled without crashing the task.
  • Spaces in URL's are now converted to %20

Download: TuneNetV0.70a_CR.lha (680 KB)
Link: OGG Vorbis Plugin (cg) (Translation: nba)

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