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Aminet-Uploads til 15.01.2006
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
WizardLibrary.lha     biz/haage    87K  OS3  WizardLibrary 42.100 (20.4.2000)
xnet-rss.lha          comm/news   1.3M  OS4  Native AOS4.0 RSS News Reader
A71Mail.lha           comm/www     19K  GEN  Email Form multilanguage written in php
PAR_C.lha             dev/c         9K  OS3  PAR: access using the SIMPLEST of C.
f2c.lha               dev/gcc     447K  OS4  Fortran 77 to C/C++ translator
patch-bin-newlib.lha  dev/misc    414K  OS4  Apply a diff file to an original (newlib
reggae-devel.lha      dev/misc    279K  MOS  Object oriented multimedia processing fr
PD_Index.lha          docs/lists  2.9M  GEN  PD Index List
A1000_POEM.txt        docs/misc     3K  GEN  Ode to the AMIGA.
A500_POEM.txt         docs/misc     4K  GEN  The newbie A500 user.
WoodenBars.lha        game/demo    52K  OS3  Simple bars game for all the AMIGAs
animalkeeper.lha      game/think   35K  OS4  Preview of a Zoo Keeper clone
scr2gif_os4.lha       gfx/conv     26K  OS4  Convert Spectrum SCRs to GIF format
SView-Info.lha        gfx/misc      1K  GEN  SView Version Information & Overview
SView5.lha            gfx/misc    2.1M  VAR  SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package 
mijfif.lha            gfx/show     24K  MOS  JFIF&BMP24 viewer for CGX MorphOS
digifilter.lha        misc/sci     66K  MOS  Digital FIR filter design software
AmigaRuFFlez.mp3      mods/mpg    4.0M  GEN  Diezi7 Song - from Alcoholocos LP
WAR_BMF1.mp3          mods/mpg    929K  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 1 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMF2.mp3          mods/mpg    1.1M  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 2 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMF3.mp3          mods/mpg    798K  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 3 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMF4.mp3          mods/mpg    1.2M  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 4 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMF5.mp3          mods/mpg    897K  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 5 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMF6.mp3          mods/mpg    803K  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 6 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMF7.mp3          mods/mpg    997K  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 7 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMF8.mp3          mods/mpg    599K  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 8 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMF9.mp3          mods/mpg    996K  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 9 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMFa.mp3          mods/mpg    996K  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 10 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMFb.mp3          mods/mpg    897K  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 11 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMFc.mp3          mods/mpg    903K  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 12 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMFd.mp3          mods/mpg    810K  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 13 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMFe.mp3          mods/mpg    972K  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 14 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_BMFf.mp3          mods/mpg    473K  GEN  "Big Mind F--k" Track 15 by AnakiR 2005
WAR_SUK1.mp3          mods/mpg    963K  GEN  "One Minute Mind" by AnakiR 2005
WAR_SUK2.mp3          mods/mpg    1.2M  GEN  "One Track Mind" by AnakiR 2005
WAR_SUK3.mp3          mods/mpg    2.8M  GEN  "HHH4ZYX" by AnakiR 2005
WAR_SUK4.mp3          mods/mpg    4.2M  GEN  "(uuu uur) Just Like" by AnakiR 2005
WAR_SUK5.mp3          mods/mpg    3.8M  GEN  "Squeamish" by AnakiR 2005
WAR_SUK6.mp3          mods/mpg    3.0M  GEN  "Suck on This" by AnakiR 2005
WAR_SUK7.mp3          mods/mpg    7.4M  GEN  "Suck on This (extended mix)" by AnakiR 
WAR_BMF_ART.png       pix/art     208K  GEN  Cover Art for "Big Mind F--k" by AnakiR
WAR_SUK_ART.gif       pix/art      14K  GEN  "Suck on This (extended mix)" by AnakiR 
lost.lha              pix/gicon   151K  GEN  Ken's Lost Icons   pix/theme     9K  GEN  Skin Blue X-Fi for OS4 Audio mixer
Alecos-WB-14.png      pix/wb      893K  GEN  Workbench Screenshot 1280x1024 32 Bit by
reggae-user.lha       util/libs   154K  MOS  Object oriented multimedia processing fr
TheMaestrix.lha       util/libs    17K  OS3  The Maestix: Reloaded! Using AHI.
AslToRT.lha           util/misc    31K  OS3  Asl/Arp/Req/Intuition/RT requester to RT
c64kopik.lha          util/misc    84K  OS3  GUI for Easy1541 (transfer data between 
StartBar-ITA.lha      util/misc    94K  OS3  Italian version of StartBar
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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