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Edgar Schwan (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: Web server Apache 1.3.34 with PHP 5.1.1 and MySQL 3.23.58
Edgar Schwan released a new version of his Apache port for AmigaOS 4. Changes since the last release:
  • Contains the latest version of PHP 5. The following features are new in PHP 5.1.1:
    • PDO extension: Access to data bases by a standardized interface.
    • includes the folowing drivers:
      • sqlite2 (V 2.8.16)
      • sqlite (V 3.2.7)
      • mysql (V 3.23.58)
    • New date extension with better time zone support.
    • Improved SimpleXML extension V
    • Improved SQLite extension V 2.8.16
    • Improved PCRE extension V 6.2
  • Contains the myApache Starter package version 1.0 by Michael Christoph. Thanks to Michael for his permission to include it
  • Support of the BCMath extension added for high precise calculations
  • Support of the Iconv extension to convert character sets.
  • Apache info module (mod_info) added. Allows to pol informationen about the webserver.
  • Latest version of the MySQL client library build in (3.23.58, PHP 5 only).
  • Bugs within strtol() and strtod() removed. These lead to errors while comparing strings. Thanks to Michael Christoph!
  • New compilation with the latest SDK.

Apache 1.3.34 is available at the and the Aminet. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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