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23.Jan.2006 Uploads til 22.01.2006
Uploads on since our last report:
scummvm-frak.lha       gam/adv    2Mb  Point-and-Click adventure interpreter    vid/pla   34kb  skins for DvPlayer
usbmidi.lha            dri/mis   15kb  CAMD driver for USB Class MIDI devices
bjldump.lha            gam/mis   30kb  Dump Bombjack levels (arcade ROM dumps)
animalkeeper.lha       gam/puz  109kb  Zoo Keeper/Bejeweled/Monsterz clone
dme.lha                uti/tex  325kb  DME - text editor.
id3editor.tar.bz2      aud/edi   97kb  MP3 tag editor written in perl with Reac
perl_reaction.tar.bz2  dev/lib  798kb  Perl_Reaction - make perl scripts with G
spconv.lha             emu/uti   49kb  Spconv - Spectrum emulator snapshot file
apache.lha             net/ser   19Mb  Apache 1.3.34 PHP 5.1.1 - AmigaOS4 binar
amidisk.lha            uti/fil  410kb  File manager for OS4
twiglets.lha           uti/tex    5kb  Make big text from normal fonts
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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