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11.Feb.2006 (Webseite)

MorphOS: Daily CVS builds of Ambient
Experienced MorphOS users who would like to give the latest Ambient CVS compiles a try, can now find daily builds at the easier to remember URLs or, and

Required are MorphOS 1.4.5 and MUI 4 alpha. Please also note the following warnings:
  • Warning: No documentation. Daily builds do not include documentation
  • No support: Due to the nature of daily builds, no support can be provided
  • No Installer: You must be capable of moving files to their proper locations yourself before attempting to use a daily build
  • Changelog: Go over the changes carefully before downloading and installing a new build
  • Dynamic Functionality: Function availability is dependent upon build development, and any given function or group of functions may be disabled in a daily build
  • Use backups: It is highly suggested that regular backups are performed when using Daily builds
If you feel that anything from the list above is overly complicated, too difficult, or more than you can handle, please consider limiting yourself to the latest officially released version of Ambient. (snx)

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