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Guido Mersmann (ANF)

Pegasos: Linux live CD Niktarix 0.4
With Niktarix Nick Niktaris created another Linux live CD for Pegasos (ODW) (Screenshots).

Components from Knoppix, Kanotix and Debian Sarge were used here; contained are in addition to Kernel 2.6.11 among other things KDE 3.3.2, UnionFS, Mozilla/Firefox, Open Office and GIMP.

UnionFS, which takes some time while booting, makes it possible to work like you have booted from the hard disk instead of from a CD - in this way it is possible for instance to install or remove .deb files.

Open firmware call:

boot cd niktarix root=/dev/ram rw init=linuxrc

MD5 checksum:


download: niktarix-0.04.iso (642 MB) (cg) (Translation: iw)

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