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Bernd Roesch (ANF)

Afa: AROS for AmigaOS 3.92.1
A new update is availlable for AfA(AROS for AmigaOS). Beside improving the Fasticons-Function and the picture.datatype the new AROS-Version of Mulitview is now included.

Details of the Changes:
  • Because of Fasticons programs like Amistart or the oscilloscope of the Eagle-Player, which need an exclusive pin, now work due to sufficient free pins.
  • Programs like Thumb, that were not supporting the picture.datatype, should work now - if any more problems should occur feedback is resquested.
  • In directory c: multiview_afa is now included; this might be lacking of i.e. a fullscreen mode or saving the standard prefenrences, but using the AROS-picture.datatype the images can be enlarged and adjusted to windowsize.
(snx) (Translation: iw)

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