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06.Mar.2006 Uploads til 05.03.2006
These are the uploads since our last report:
crystal_clear.lha  gra/ico    4Mb  'Crystal Clear' a Sys Rep. Icon Set with
smurfhouses.lha    gra/ico  531kb  'Smurf Houses' a .info iconset. (128x128
aiss.lha           uti/mis  332kb  AISS - Amiga Image Storage System
jacks_cds.lha      gra/ico  340kb  'Jack's CD's' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 6
mini_robots.lha    gra/ico  166kb  'Mini Robots' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 6
tiny_pets.lha      gra/ico  162kb  'Tiny Pets' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x
bitter_boy.lha     gra/ico  385kb  'Bitter Boy' a PNG iconset. (128, 64).
smurf_houses.lha   gra/ico  267kb  'Smurf Houses' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 
soda_jerks.lha     gra/ico  883kb  'Soda jerks' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64
bindle_wt.lha      gra/ico  162kb  'Bindle Will Travel' a PNG iconset. (128
hamtaro1.lha       gra/ico  242kb  'Hamtaro Vol. 01' a PNG iconset. (128x12
hamtaro2.lha       gra/ico  215kb  'Hamtaro Vol. 02' a PNG iconset. (128x12
origami.lha        gra/ico  302kb  'Origami' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64
xywe.lha           gra/ico  323kb  'Xywe In Ghostland' a PNG iconset. (128,
metal_folders.lha  gra/ico  127kb  'Metal Folders' a PNG iconset. (128, 64,
au_dt.lzx          dat/sou   43kb  Sun .au/NeXT .snd datatype with source
wave_dt.lzx        dat/sou   97kb  RIFF-WAVE (.wav) datatype with source
bofh.lha           gam/act    1Mb  An action/shooting game.
pacman05.lha       gam/mis  904kb  PacMan 05
evilroboballs.lha  gra/ico  168kb  'Evil Roboballs' a PNG iconset.
fontpreviewer.lha  uti/mis  444kb  A Simple Font Preview Program
(cg) (Translation: nba)

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