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Rupert Hausberger (ANF)

MorphOS: Package Manager MorphUp 1.0 (Bounty Release)
After six months of development Rupert Hausberger today released version 1.0 of his package manager MorphUp. This Version meets the terms of the "Bounty" posted on The author thanks all donators and those who support the project in other ways.


MorphUp is the result of the ezPM bounty, released on So far, when installing a new application, AmigaOS/MorphOS users often had to visit various internet pages and download, unpack and install several archives manually. The packet manager MorphUp is to take over this time consuming and error-prone process from the user.

MorphUP consists of two parts: the "Generator" used by developers to create so-called "packages", archives which contain the actual software. Those packages can be hosted on any HTTP server. The MorphUp client then assumes the download and installation of those packages on the computer of the user.

Features of MorphUp

Package system:
  • Packages can be grouped by type.
  • Theoreticaly unlimited packages per group and unlimited dirs/files per package.
  • Can handle file size up to (the DOS limitation of) 2 GB.
  • Extraction of files without the need of unpacking the whole package.
  • Real directory structures in packages.
  • 3 different package types:
    • Full packages, to transfer a huge amount of files at once.
    • Single packages, to safe bandwitch if only a few files need to transfered.
    • Link packages, to refer to other archives.
  • Full packages automaticly split into parts if they grow too larger while generation.
  • Dynamic block compression based on zlib.
  • Fully asyncron, any function can be aborted at any time. The task-priority can be set for each asyncron function.
  • Differentiation between system and application files.
  • Fast installation, uninstallation, extraction and convertion routines.
  • Tag-based saving to easy add things later.

Graphic User Interface:
  • Multithreaded MUI applications, can handle multiple indexes at same time.
  • Many editing functions like: add, remove, makedir, add recursive...
  • Cut&Paste edit mode, even over different packages.
  • Dynamic context menus everywhere, even in list-titels.
  • Full locale support.
  • Disabling of unwanted indexes, package classes and packages.
  • Setable colors, styles and dateformat in all listtrees and lists.
  • Controlable through application menus, contextmenus, keyboard.
  • Detailed information groups for packages and files.
  • Toolbar with replaceable icons.

  • Configurable datatype system with MIME-support.
  • Configurable data classes system, to avoid hardcoded paths.
  • Configurable package classes system, to avoid hardcoded paths.
  • Uses XAD system to support many types of archives in link packages.
  • Packages can have a picture, any size and type is supported.
  • Multilevel log system with possibility to log to disk.
  • Small memory usage.
(cg) (Translation: iw)

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