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Brork (E-Mail) celebrates third anniversary, the self declared "computer forum of the cool generation", is celebrating its third anniversary today. Meanwhile there are more than 350 registered members.

Please read the following official statement of

Three good Years?

Since exactly three years now we make you happy, us and the rest of the amiganized world with the "computer forum of the cool generation". And they were three really exciting years: It is up to the German ministery of statistics to recalculate all the events and stories. ;)

Finally we have enjoyed so many highlights and sometimes we were angry with several discussions. We could experience various trends and the birth of new hard- and software jewels - in the Amiga as well as the pc- and console area. Above all we have seen how a small fan bulletin from the user "grand_diablo" with his "PC Joker Forum" and a few users have changed to a bigger and pleasant community of Amiga-, pc- and console users, 350 members so far, after their move to

I want to thank you in the name of my moderators and I hope this community will be still alive for a long time! Of course wishes and suggestions are always welcome - as well as helping hands for their realization!

How could it be different as there is a lottery in the tradition of the joker called "the millions' joker lottery"! You will find it at: -> Sonstiges -> JokerGames -> Joker-Millionspiel. Please read the text very CAREFUL! ;)

I wish you a lot of fun with so far and hope you will still heavily join the community. Should you face problems with your account, please send an e-mail.

Regards Brork (snx) (Translation: ts)

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