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Jens Schönfeld (ANF)

individual Computers: Demo-party sponsoring and shipping of new products

individual Computers sponsors Breakpoint

For the tenth time in a row, a big Scene-event takes place in Germany at easter time. The well-established successor to the legendary "Mekka/Symposium" parties Breakpoint will make the small city Bingen, Germany, the destination for the whole European demoscene for the fourth time now.

Demos are non-interactive programs that show the capabilities of makers and machine with music, graphics and animation. The special thing about demos is their strict limitation for example in size, which is done in order to achieve comparability in competitions. Demo parties are non-commercial events where entrance fees and sponsor's donations are used mostly to cover prizes for these competitions.

Individual Computers is proud to support this form of art as "silver sponsor" again. An invitation to such a demoparty is of course done with a demo that's available on the party's FTP server as a free download (12MB). If the demo doesn't run on your type of computer, you can also watch the XVID AVI video. At 98MB, it's more than 8 times as big and cannot offer the same picture quality. Even if you can't come to the party, it's worth watching! For fans of the Commodore C64, there's an invitation demo that you can download here as a D64 archive.

New products shipping

The clockport-adapter for the Amiga 500 and the USB-converter for Commodore-keyboards Keyrah will start shipping to our retail partners on monday, march 20th. Please mention your type of keyboard when ordering, because Keyrah must be programmed with your keyboard layout at the factory.

The scope of delivery has also been decided now: Every Keyrah comes with a screwdriver and a 2-meter (6.5 ft) USB cable. Versions for Amiga keyboards come with an assembly kit that ensures contact even to partly damaged foil connectors of the A600/A1200 keyboards.

Customers who have pre-ordered the special edition of the Buddha controller for Phoenix-Amigas will recieve an eMail from us in the next few days. (snx)

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