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Bradd Webb (E-Mail)

Newsletter: Amiga Update #060331
Brad Webbs newsletter Amiga Update contains a summary of the more important Amiga related news of the last four weeks. The March issue has now been released:

         _________ ____      _|__ __ __|_______      _________
       __\ _____ \\\\  \_  _/  //___//  _____//______\ _____ \\
      // \\\\  /. \\\\__ \/ __//    \\  \\____.  /// \\\\  /. \\
      \\___\» /___///___\  /___\     \\_________//\\___\» /___//
       »    \/    » »    \/.  |»      »|z!o     »  »    \/    »
               A M I G A      | 060331 |      U P D A T E
        AMIGA and the Amiga logo are trademarks of Amiga, Inc.      

              H Y P E R I O N   M A K E S   3 D   D E A L 

         S C U N T H O R P E   S H O W   E A R L Y   I N F O

         T H I N K   C O M M O D O R E   -   O N   A   M A C 

    M U I B A S E   G O E S   G N U   P U B L I C   L I C E N S E 

     A M I Z I L L A   C O N T R I B U T I O N   B Y   C L I C K 

      A M I K I T   U P D A T E   1 . 1 . 0   A V A I L A B L E 

    N E W   E P I S T U L A   F O R   Y O U R   M E S S A G I N G 

           U P D A T E   F O R   A P O D   F O R   I P O D 

  D I S T R I B U T O R   F O R   _ A M I G A   G U R U _   B O O K 

               A M I G A S Y S   N E W   V E R S I O N 

         V 0 5   O F   M I N D S P A C E   A V A I L A B L E 

   S C O U T   S Y S T E M   M O N I T O R   -   O S 4   D E P O T

               A M I D I S K   O N   O S 4   D E P O T 

Editor's Thoughts and Introduction:
 Welcome to spring! Well, it's spring here in the northern half of the 
world anyway once March comes. And appropriately enough, there are 
lots of interesting Amiga things popping up and growing. OK, that's 
probably a stretch as analogies go but it is true we have many things 
of interest for you in this issue.
 You also might want to check out this site:
 The 2002 version of the great GoldED Studio AIX (SP2) is now 
available free at the author's site. Note that this is not freely 
distributable software but you may download and use it for no fee. 
There's no story below as there was no annoucement of this to the 
press, but you should find all the information you need at the site or 
in the archive.
 So please enjoy the newsletter, enjoy the new and updated software 
that's come along but, if you live in our half of the world, make sure 
you take some time to enjoy the spring as well. Hmmmm. Now's when an 
Amiga laptop would come in really handy.
 Brad Webb,
E-mail to the E-ditor:

28 March, 2006

Dear Sir / Madam,

 I am a Professor in Engineering College in Pune.
 I have purchase AMIGA 2000 MODEL IN 1990 which were having some* 
software related to REAL-TIME VIDEO EFFECTS TOOL*, as per as my 
knowledge it is known as MANDALA.
 Please inform me if it is available as i require for PROJECT WORK, i  
am ready to buy it.
 So, Please inform as soon as possible.
 Can you tell me when Amiga sold a  *first AMIGA computer with Mandala
Waiting for your reply it's urgent.
Thanks & Regards
Bhushan Joshi
 You are asking for what is among the most rare of Amiga software
unfortunately. I performed a quick search and was unable to find 
anyone with Mandala software, or a Live! board, for sale (I don't know 
if you need the Live! board but they are used together).
 If any of our readers has information about a copy of Mandala which 
Professor Joshi could purchase, please send it to us in reply to this 
mailing and we will pass the information along quickly. Information 
about a Live! board might be appreciated as well.

             H Y P E R I O N   M A K E S   3 D   D E A L 

Leuven, Belgium - 21 March 2006

Hyperion Entertainment VOF announces that it has licensed its 3D 
driver technology for ATI Radeontm 9000 chipsets to Smiths Aerospace 
LLC (UK) . Hyperion's 3D driver technology is OpenGLtm ES compatible 
and was originally developed for Amigatm OS 4, Hyperion's multi-media 
centric, small foot-print embedded OS. Smiths Aerospace has adapted 
Hyperion's 3D drivers to comply with DO-178B standards and has i
ncorporated a 2D version into its current display technology. Smiths 
Aerospace has the future capability to incorporate Hyperion's 3D 
driver technology for use in wide area displays intended for use in 
civil and military aircraft.

About Smiths: Smiths Aerospace, a part of Smiths Group, is a leading
transatlantic aerospace systems and equipment company, with more than 
0,000 employees and $2 billion revenues worldwide. The company holds 
key positions in the supply chains of all major military and civil 
aircraft and engine manufacturers and is a world-leader in digital, 
electrical power, mechanical systems, engine components and customer 

About Hyperion VOF: Hyperion Entertainment VOF is a privately held 
elgian-German company founded in February of 1999. The company s
pecialises in 3D graphics and 3D driver development, firmware 
development for embedded systems, IT consulting and the conversion of
high quality entertainment software from Windows to niche platforms 
including Amiga, Linux (x86,PPC) and MacOS. Since November of 2001 
Hyperion Entertainment has been working on AmigaOS 4.0 for PowerPC 
powered devices, the latest incarnation of the multi-media centric, 
small-footprint operating system originally launched by Commodore 
Business Machines (CBM) in 1985.

       S C U N T H O R P E   S H O W   E A R L Y   I N F O 

29 March, 2006

Finally, we are happy to announce the Scunthorpe Amiga Group show of 
2006, named AmiRevival. The show will take place on Saturday the 29th 
of July 2006 at the Kingsway Centre in Scunthorpe, UK.

A complete website will be going online soon, but rest assured we plan 
to vastly improve upon last year's show. It's time to crank it into 

Watch out for updates on our website:

Anyone who can't wait for the full website to go live but would like 
to help out in any way whatsoever please contact us:

        T H I N K   C O M M O D O R E   -   O N   A   M A C 

27 March, 2006

After one month of development Think Commodore is finally online.

 What is "Think Commodore"?

Think Commodore is a website about emulating old Commodore computers 
such as the C64 and the Amiga on your Macintosh. The website also 
covers subjects such as C64 or Amiga games, demos, music, how to copy 
iles from your Mac back to your trusty old Commodore etc.

I switched from the WinTel world to the Macintosh approx. one and a 
half years ago. I soon came to realize that while there are tons of 
websites covering Commodore emulation, SID music, Protracker modules, 
games, demos etc., information about Commodore emulation on the Mac is 
very scarce. Many websites about Commodore emulation on the Mac are 
old and obsolete, they aren't updated regularly and some websites/
teams completely ignore the Mac even though some nifty programmer has 
done a Mac port of that particular software or project.

That's the reason why I started "Think Commodore".

Hopefully you'll find this site useful and check back here regularly.
Feel free to drop me an email if you have suggestions on how to i
mprove the site.


S°ren Ladegaard - Denmark

...oh, in case you were wondering "Think Commodore" is a homage to the 
classic Apple slogan "Think different". But you already knew that, 
didn't you? ;-)

   M U I B A S E   G O E S   G N U   P U B L I C   L I C E N S E 

4 March, 2006

 MUIbase (Magic data BASE with User Interface) is a relational 
programmable database with user interface.

Begining in March, 2006, MUIbase for Amiga and Amiga-related operating 
systems is now distributed under the Gnu General Public License. The 
source code and binaries for m68kAmigaOS are made available as part of 
a sourceforge project. We hope that developers for the new AmigaOS 4, 
the MorphOS and AROS will also compile versions for these operating 
At this point, we would like to thank all who supported us in the past 
and all who registered MUIbase. From the new version 2.0 on, no 
keyfile for running all features of MUIbase on Amiga is necessary any 
We still hope for support from the Amiga community. Please write us 
your comment. It will also be possible to make us a donation if you 
feel you want to financially support us. 
Happy MUIbase'ing, 
Steffen Gutmann

    A M I Z I L L A   C O N T R I B U T I O N   B Y   C L I C K 

19 March 2006

In an effort to raise even more money for AmiZilla to motivate 
programmers trying to win the contest AmiZilla now supports AdSense 
and adds those dollars to the booty. If you have a few minutes please 
go to and click on some of our sponsers and 
look at what they are offering. Your pay for click dollars will be 
added to the contest. Donations to AmiZilla now stand @ $10,204.27. 
Bill (tekmage) Borsari got the booty just over $10,000 with his large 
donation so will be able to get any software product from DiscreetFX 
for free. Thanks everyone for your efforts to get FireFox/Mozilla 
running on Amiga OS.

Best regards

DiscreetFX Team

      A M I K I T   U P D A T E   1 . 1 . 0   A V A I L A B L E 

28 March, 2006 

 "AmiKit is the compilation of the best Amiga (free/shareware) 
programs around. To be brief, AmiKit is all you need if you want to 
experience a high-end Classic Amiga system. It contains many 
expansions and add-ons (more than 20.000 files are included in 
AmiKit!) that turn the default AmigaOS installation into a completely 
renewed and fresh environment. This pre-configured package is designed 
for immediate use. Moreover, it contains an exciting surprise for the 
whole Amiga community, see the features or screenshots!"

 AmiKit now supports antialiased TrueType fonts! 
 Loading speed of icons has been increased!
 Quality of icon rendering has been increased!
 WinUAE emulation software updated to version 1.2.0
 AmiKit now contains the largest collection of AmigaOS3.9 patches.


AfA_OS 3.93 by Bernd Roesch
"AROS For Amiga" project ports the AROS sources and make them 
available for classic AmigaOS. Since AROS is more up-to-date, it 
provides a lot of new features and system bugfixes for AmiKit! For 
example, AfA_OS is responsible for icon loading speedup, enchanced 
icon rendering, TrueType font support etc.

AmiStart 0.66b (exclusive AmiKit version) by Darius Brewka
This great taskbar software has been updated for AmiKit. It works in 
detached mode now so it does not steal the active state from other 
tasks and windows anymore!

AISS 2.2 by Martin 'Mason' Merz
"Amiga Image Storage System" is a system to store, access and maintain 
toolbar images under AmigaOS.

AmiSSL 3.6 by Andrija Antonijevic and Stefan Burstroem
AmiSSL is a shared library package, port of OpenSSL which is "a 
collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, full-
featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets 
Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols as 
well as a full-strength general purpose cryptography library".

Ken Lester has painted fresh new toolbar images for DOpus5! These 
images are used as default now. Your old toolbar is stored as 
"DOpus5:Buttons/toolbar_104bak". Rename it to "DOpus5:Buttons/toolbar" 
to have it back.

Meridian 2.20 by Guido Mersmann
You all know PDAs where you can draw lines with a pen on the display 
and the PDA converts these combinations into characters or functions. 
Meridian does exactly this! Meridian is a small commodity to create 
virtual hotkeys by using the mouse. You paint a square and Meridian 
starts the requested action. Since the starting point and the 
direction is also important, there are countless combinations you can 
use. Eg. hold down the middle mouse button and move your mouse to 
upper-right direction and watch the result!

MUIbase 2.0 by Steffen Gutmann
MUIbase is a fast and very flexible database for the Amiga. It is for 
users who want to manage data in a comfortable and easy way. MUIbase 
is able to manage any kind of data, e.g. addresses, CD series, movies, 
or your income and expense. The power of MUIbase lies in its clear and 
powerful graphical user interface and its programming capabilities. 
The latter makes it possible to automatically calculate and maintain 
nearly everything, starting from automatically summing up values, e.g. 
for calculating the total amount of income or the total amount of 
recorded time of a CD, up to automatically creating and printing 
letters for any purpose.

StormMesa libraries 3.1 by Haage&Partner Computer GmbH
These 3D libraries are almost completely OpenGL compatible and 
provides 3D features to Amiga. Try a demo in AmiKit:Utilities/
Expansion/StormMesa/GLProgs drawer or find more on Aminet.

Sudoku 1.3 by Silicon Wizards
A popular game in a computer form. Special thanks to Michael Lanser!

AmiKit now contains the largest collection of unofficial patches for 
- Amigaguide.datatype 45.6
- Console.device 44.10
- FastFileSystem 45.14
- Icon.library 45.4
- MultiView 45.10
- RAM-Handler 44.23
- Rexxsyslib.library 44.2
- Shell 45.12
- Workbench.library 45.130
The installation of these patches is optional. Run "Install Patches" 
to install them.

    N E W   E P I S T U L A   F O R   Y O U R   M E S S A G I N G 

10 March, 2006

Epistula is to AmigaOS what GAIM is to Linux and Windows. For people 
not in the know, GAIM is an instant messenger application which can 
handle a variety of IM protocols, for example Microsoft MSN, AOL AIM 
and Yahoo Messenger.

I know JabberWocky can provide a similar service, but that requires 
extra setting up with Jabber ID's etc. This way, you can log straight 
onto your favourite protocol, by-passing any need for yet another IM 
account. One of the main reasons I started to write this client was 
because I couldn't be bothered with Jabber... I can't be the only 
one... can I?

Unlike GAIM, Epistula is written in a modular fashion in that each 
'protocol' is a plugin which can be installed, and updated, seperately 
from the main application and other plugins.

Epistula is initially only in development for AmigaOS 4, but hopefully 
in not-to-distant future, will also be made available for MorphOS, 
AmigaOS 3.1 and AROS.

People looking for individual 68k instant messengers available now 
wouldn't be going far wrong looking at JabberWocky, AmiMSN and 
Friday, 10th March 2006

I've spent quite a bit of time developing this last week, both 
changing the website and updating the client and MSN plugin. Thanks to 
everyone who sent in numerous crash logs and serial output, they've be 
invaluable in tracking down various bugs.

I'd also like to point out that since Epistula is getting more and 
more stable, that this will be the last update to the demo version. 
All future features will only be available to registered users, 
although plugin updates should also work with the demo.

The following changes have been made to Epistula and the MSN plugin:

    * MSN plugin has now been updated to MSN Protocol 11
    * Group names are now UTF-Decoded/Encoded in the MSN plugin before 
being sent to Epistula
    * Fixed the secure authentication which stopped quite a few people 
logging into MSN. Those unable to login before, but could with GAIM or 
the official client should find this allows them to login with 
Epistula now
    * MSN plugin now respects your initial presence as specified in 
the plugin settings
    * Plugin integration with Epistula has had a massive re-write
    * Epistula will now check for the minimum required MUI custom 
classes before launching
    * General messages window fixed to display the correct message 
when selected from the list
    * Slight cosmetic changes
    * Various memory leaks/bugs fixed

          U P D A T E   F O R   A P O D   F O R   I P O D 

29 March, 2006

I have just uploaded an update to aPod, my iPod management program.

The new version allows to copy multiple songs across at once and to 
sort the song listview by clicking on the various columns.

apod is an application to mantain and synchronise your mp3 collection 
on your iPod using from a Amiga OS4 computer with usb.

apod is written in perl and utilises the perl_Reaction interface to 
the OS4 reaction gui. The interface with the ipod is maintained using 
the Mac::iPod::GNUpod module.


NOTE: If installing for the first time, apod requires the following 
perl modules to be installed, if updating you only need to copy the 
apod and .apodrc files.

perl_Reaction version .02 available from (
Mac::iPod::GNUpod (included)
Audio::Wav (included)
MP3::Info (included)
Unicode::String (incuded)
XML::Parser (included)

install any of these you don't yet have by CD ing into their 
directory, starting abc-shell and typing

make install

copy apod and .apodrc to the location of your choice say work:apod/
assign apod: to this directory.

edit the paths in .apodrc to reflect the name of your ipod etc.


You may need to create the directory
otherwise your ipod requires no special initialisation.

Your ipod still requires the apple firmware etc this pogram only 
handles copying of music file to and from the ipod.


perl apod --help

to get usage


perldoc apod to get full pod documentation.



Added Multiselect to Addsongs.
Song List can now be sorted by Columns


Initial Public Release


The underlying mac::ipod::gnupod module appears to have some problems 
with smartplaylists. If you get a problem with this email me, for a 


Mac::iPod::GNUpod ofers some sophisticated search options and a 
variation on smartplaylists based on these. adding support for these 
will be done in the not too far distant future.

Send an Feature requests to me by email and I'll see what I can do...


This work has been largely been to done to fulfil my own needs and to 
support the amigaos 4 community in general, but it does take a lot of 
time so if you would like to make a donation there is a paypal button 

  D I S T R I B U T O R   F O R   _ A M I G A   G U R U _   B O O K 

17 March, 2006 

APC&TCP is proud to announce that it has taken the distribution of the 

The over 500 pages thick book in German edition is available now in 
the APC&TCP online shop due to the cooperation with Ralph Babel.

              A M I G A S Y S   N E W   V E R S I O N 

21 March, 2006

AmigaSYS 3 R3 for AmigaOS 3.9 users

What is AmigaSYS ?

AmigaSYS is a pre-installed full Amiga OS for WinUAE, like AIAB.
For install, you need a valid KickstartROM 3.0/3.1, and the image file 
of Workbench and Extras Disk 3.0/3.1.

AmigaSYS 2- support Amiga OS 3.9  , needs KickROM 3.1 and optional a 
valid OS 3.9 CD for full features.

AmigaSYS 3 support : H&P AmigaOS 3.9 , Amiga Forever 2005 , and 
AmigaOS XL.

New Features :

- New Theme Engine BETA (modified files , extras , new scripts , 
pictures , display mode selecter, faster!).
- New Theme Engine feature, Theme SAVER BETA, SAVE your current theme 
and LOAD anytime!.
- New Theme Engine modified Littlemonster theme.
- New Theme Engine modified Themes ( Picture , display mode etc).

New Programs :

- ADDED AmigaAMP Prefs 1.24.
- ADDED AKPNG 45.49+ Prefs.
- ADDED AKTIFF 45.49+ Prefs.
- ADDED BareEd 0.9953.
- ADDED JoinSpliter 1.3.
- ADDED LHA 2.12.
- ADDED MMKeyboard 3.16 (WinUAE version , configure your multimedia 
- ADDED PlayOGG 3.7.
- ADDED Scout 37.285.
- ADDED Some Librarys.
- ADDED TTF Fonts support + 1 BitstreamVera and BitstreamVeraBlondL 

AmigaSYS 3 R3 for AmigaOS 3.0 or 3.1 users

New Features :

- New Modifies FileMaster prefs.
- New Birdie and Wb pattern.
- New Font Prefs.
- New feature BETA , AmigaSYS S, U startup script.
- New Theme Engine BETA (modified files , extras , new scripts , 
pictures , display mode selecter, faster!). 3.9
- New Theme Engine feature, Theme SAVER BETA, SAVE your current theme 
and LOAD anytime!. 3.9
- New Theme Engine modified Littlemonster theme. 3.9
- New Theme Engine modified Themes ( Picture , display mode etc). 3.9

New Programs :

- ADDED AmigaAMP Prefs 1.24.
- ADDED AKPNG 45.49+ Prefs.
- ADDED AKTIFF 45.49+ Prefs.
- ADDED BareEd 0.9953.
- ADDED JoinSpliter 1.3.
- ADDED LHA 2.12.
- ADDED MMKeyboard 3.16 (WinUAE version , configure your multimedia 
- ADDED PlayOGG 3.7.
- ADDED Scout 37.285.
- ADDED Some Librarys.
- ADDED TTF Fonts support + 1 BitstreamVera and BitstreamVeraBlondL 

More info and download :

        V 0 5   O F   M I N D S P A C E   A V A I L A B L E 

7 March, 2006

MindSpace V05 is now available for download from the MindSpace 

MindSpace enables the user to produce:
*A range of UML diagrams

In the future, MindSpace will output template code for C/C++ 
structures, functions and classes.

Changes in V05:

*Shadowing - so you can actually see what you are doing!
*Multiple Undo - retrace up to 50 steps
*Menus and keyboard shortcuts

Thanks to all those who voted in the recent poll and for our 

   S C O U T   S Y S T E M   M O N I T O R   -   O S 4   D E P O T

Description:    System monitor (MUI & TCP/IP stack optional)
Download:   scout.lha 
Version:    3.5
Date:   13 Mar 06
Author:     Scout Open Source team
Submitter:  Thore B÷ckelmann
Email:  tboeckel/gmx de
Requirements:   AmigaOS 4.0, MUI 3.8
Category:   utility/misc
Replaces:   utility/misc/scout.lha
License:    Other
Distribute:     yes
FileID:     1713

This is the official continuation of the famous (and fabulous :-)
system monitor from Andreas Gelhausen.

What is Scout?

Scout is a tool that allows you to monitor your computer system. It 
displays many different things -- like tasks, ports, assigns, 
expansion boards, resident commands, interrupts, etc. -- and you can 
perform some certain actions on them.

For example you can freeze tasks, close windows and screens, release 
semaphores or remove locks, ports and interrupts.

Through AmiTCP it's also possible to use Scout as a TCP/IP service.

Since version 2.0 of Scout you can use nearly all implemented 
functions through shell parameters. Therefore it's not necessary to 
install MUI for using Scout, but you will need MUI if you want to use 
Scout with its graphical user interface.

BTW: Scout can open 49 different windows! :-)

PS: Along with V3.3 this number is even higher than 49, but I am too 
lazy to count all the different windows :)

Changes from release 3.4 to release 3.5:

  o This newly created archive also contains the latest NList classes, 
which are also available at

  o Too many changes to list them all. All in all there were almost 
next to no functional changes, but lots of system specific additions. 
The biggest change however is that Scout now comes in a native OS4 
flavour :) That means we now have three different builds: OS2/3, OS4 
and MorphOS. The OS3 build should run under both, OS4 and MorphOS, but 
cannot really make any real advantage of the new system enhancements. 
The OS4 and the MorphOS builds however will make use of system 
specific enhancements as far as this is possible and gives any 

  o all builds may list PCI boards in the expansion window. The OS4 
build uses the PCI interface of expansion.library, while the MOS build 
will use openpci.library to query all the details. OS3 support for 
openpci.library will hopefully come in the next release, together with 
a detail window for PCI boards.

             A M I D I S K   O N   O S 4   D E P O T 

Description:    File manager for OS4
Download:   amidisk.lha     
Version:    1.04
Date:   14 Mar 06
Author:     FLORAC Roland
Submitter:  FLORAC Roland
Email:  rflorac/free fr
Requirements:   OS4, PowerPC
Category:   utility/filetool
Replaces:   utility/filetool/amidisk.lha
License:    Freeware
Distribute:     yes
FileID:     1718
Handles mouse wheel.
Better vertical proportionnal gadgets handler.
Bug on the Comments handler corrected (didn't work for ALL files)
New prefs button to desactivate bubble help.
String gadget path bug corrected (didn't work when the tab wasn't 

Installation :
    If you are updating from a previous version, just copy the AmiDisk
    executable in place of the old one.
    I suggest you don't copy the prefs file if you want to keep your 
    old preferences. Use the import button to try the new classes.

New installation :
    Just copy the AmiDisk drawer in the SYS:utilities drawer. Then 
    delete the files you don't need (catalogs, icons, guide, logo...)
    You can keep only AmiDisk, and AmiDisk.prefs if you

Perhaps, your old configuration will not be totaly readen, launching 
AmiDisk version 1.04. The state of the double clic button is slowly 
modified in the prefs file, so check it in the prefs menu, and save 
the configuration. Il will work on next run.
Amiga Update on the net:
 All back issues available at:
Stop by and check out our archive! Now in our 12th publication year. 
Copyright 2006 by Brad Webb.    Freely distributable, if not modified.
                 _    __      _     <>_   __      _      
   A M I G A    /\\    |\    /||    ||   /  `    /\\      A M I G A   
  U P D A T E  /__\\   | \  / ||    ||  || ___  /__\\    U P D A T E 
              /    \\_ |  \/  ||_  _||_  \__// /    \\_  
(nba) (Translation: cad)

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