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Bernd Roesch (ANF)

AfA: AROS for AmigaOS 3.93
After the beta version 1 (reported by, Bernd Roesch has now released the final version 3.93 of AfA under the title link. "AROS for AmigaOS" extends the latter with functions of the aforementioned operating system.

Compared to the beta version, the following additional improvements exist:
  • Ken Lester has created a Prefs icon for AfA
  • The penfree textmode now works correctly with rastports without layers - otherwise, no further problems have occurred with the integration of the penfree mode
  • A deadlock was corrected, which occurred in the Listview gadget of the Stormwizard user interface as well as on slow systems with Truetype fonts and anti-aliasing, after the slider was moved very fast continuously for about eight seconds
  • The oop.library of AROS, which offers object-oriented functions, has been compiled for Amiga/68k by Michal Schulz and is enclosed
  • Errors in the picture_datatype.exe file have been corrected, the version number has been increased to 46 as well, as a V45 had already existed
  • When using MagicMenu, the background image will now be shown as well
  • By means of an error correction in AROS by Georg Steger, IFF-ILBM pictures with 256 colors or less can now be supported and thus used, for instance, as a background by AmiStart as well, with the dtm_readpixelarray
  • The ILBM datatype of AROS has been enclosed, after several users had reported problems and slowdowns when using IFF pictures, particularly under CyberGraphX
Should you have any problems with the AROS-ILBM datatype, please report these to the author and delete the ilbm_datatype.exe file from the SYS:afa_os_libs directory.

Likewise, you are asked to give feedback on possible problems that still exist with the picture datatype. Should you delete the picture_datatype.exe file, you should proceed in the same way with the ilbm_datatype.exe file, as this one does not work without the picture datatype. Otherwise, though it does not crash, corresponding Openlibrary calls to the version 46 of the picture datatype take place. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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