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10.Apr.2006 (Webseite)

New (public) version of AmigaOS 4 SDK released (Update)
Leuven, Belgium - 10. April, 2006

Hyperion Entertainment is proud to announce the availability of the Software Development Kit Version 51.22 for the AmigaOS 4.0 Developer Pre-Release.

The new SDK featuresthe new gcc 4.0.2 compiler toolchaing as well as updated header files for AmigaOS 4.0 Pre-Release update 4.

The SDK download is available for all interested parties. The SDK is available in two versions: A 160 MB download that contains everything to get you started, including compiler and contributed libraries, and a cut-down version that contains the compiler and documentation only.

Note from This SDK release is freely downloadable by everyone, you don't need to be registered. There are no cross compilers included though, you'd have to get them from another source. The source code for the AmigaOS 4 gcc is available from the adtools project at

Update: (11.04.2006, 14:30, cg)

The SDK is now available at, to avoid problems with heavy server load. (cg) (Translation: aj)

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